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  1. is that a comma in the silent switch? also: the x64 link seems to be broken, at least while using opendns..
  2. thanks janrockt, thanks Thiersee. that did it. "Win7AIOSP1" is my short notation for "windows 7 all-in-one service pack 1". i suspected that mixing different tools would most likely break things but i read somewhere someone tried and succeeded. since i'm quite new to the topic i'm still rather adventurous. this setup has not yet proven stable! i have only gotten so far as to install it (chosen Home Premium 'cause that's what my purchased key is for) and log into my first session. i'm currently batch-installing the updates - still running. now, here goes my currently working Windows-7 all
  3. fellow wincerters, just registered, this is my first question I used `rt7lite` to strip down my `Win7AIOSP1.iso` since `wtk` provides rather few options and `winreducer` fails to save my presets (error: sth about "missing entry point"). As a result i got a slim `Win7HomeBasic.iso` as suggested for x64. I did not rebuild the other distros with `rt7lite` which is `why` i assume wtk doesn't show any other when mounting the image. following steps 6-7 i copied the `\sources\install.wim` three times (one each for `HomePremium`, `Professional` and `Ultimate`). now: 1. how exactly do you "upgrade"
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