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  1. is that a comma in the silent switch? also: the x64 link seems to be broken, at least while using opendns..
  2. thanks janrockt, thanks Thiersee. that did it. "Win7AIOSP1" is my short notation for "windows 7 all-in-one service pack 1". i suspected that mixing different tools would most likely break things but i read somewhere someone tried and succeeded. since i'm quite new to the topic i'm still rather adventurous. this setup has not yet proven stable! i have only gotten so far as to install it (chosen Home Premium 'cause that's what my purchased key is for) and log into my first session. i'm currently batch-installing the updates - still running. now, here goes my currently working Windows-7 all-in-one Service Pack 1 x64 iso making procedure for anyone interested subjected to discussion: extract iso file to foldermount install.wim from folder with wtk and strip all x86 from it (then rebuild and unmount)copy folder 3 times, once for each distromount each folder sequentially with winreducer, select distro and apply strip-settings from .wccf-file, not changing any services and adjusting the licence removals according to the current distro (takes ~30min each on 4 x 2.5GHz at high priority)merge the resulting .wim-files with wtk, apply tweaked services setup, add 1 language pack, add slim .net silent installer, apply vlite (winsxs and speech), not apply any removals and rebuildif applying an unattended.xml choose the full option (don't know yet if required)when installing to virtualbox choose ICH9 over PIIX3 and enable IO APIC in the system section of your vm's settings. the resulting iso has all x64 win7 distros in it, weighs 2.28GB, installs in ~25min until login on i7 Q740 8x1.73HGZ with 8GB Ram. there's still room for improvement. if applying updates one wim, duplicating it, upgrading the duplicates and merging them back together works this good, why not try and apply all changes including removals, addons etc. and go for it?
  3. fellow wincerters, just registered, this is my first question I used `rt7lite` to strip down my `Win7AIOSP1.iso` since `wtk` provides rather few options and `winreducer` fails to save my presets (error: sth about "missing entry point"). As a result i got a slim `Win7HomeBasic.iso` as suggested for x64. I did not rebuild the other distros with `rt7lite` which is `why` i assume wtk doesn't show any other when mounting the image. following steps 6-7 i copied the `\sources\install.wim` three times (one each for `HomePremium`, `Professional` and `Ultimate`). now: 1. how exactly do you "upgrade" to `HomePremium` etc.? initially i thought changing the `label`, `name`, `description` and essentially the `flag` fields would suffice but it turned out different. here is what i did change the fields of each single `install.wim` copy accordinglymerge the images (and remove the left overs)add a single slient .net slim installeradd a language packnot add any updates***apply the two changesapply an unattended the `full` way (distro list was empty at install otherwise)create an isofinally `rufus` it to my usbplug it to my patientselect HomePremium (not HomeBasic)click until product key requesthere is what went wrong: on entering my product key (both from COA-sticker on bottom and the extracted by `LicenceCrawler`) it says the key would be applied to the wrong "windows sku". i ducked it and it turns out the underlying distro is HomeBasic which is also what windows welcomes me to when i finally skipped the activation. what am i missing? *** I use `whdownloader` to manage updates and batch-install them from an external hdd. i benefit more from this procedure than pre-populating them to the image. it grows to large and lasts too long (~500 updates in 2h with 4x2.5GHz)
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