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  1. Good morning and thank you very much for the answer. when we start installing the operating system, then we have to choose the language for the installation. in the next step we have to choose install now. When Well Starts in the Installation Program, it displays the following message: "No driver is missing" if you have the driver from a USB stick or a DVD drive. ISO is genuine downloaded directly from Microsoft. I mention the message because as I explained I have a vision problem and I can not make you a screenshot at that moment. of course what may be responsible for this problem should be t
  2. Good evening! My name is george. I have a vision problem and I want your children to help you as much as possible. I use a voice reader in Windows 10 but the voice reader is not compatible with the specific operating system. I try to get back through the bios uefi to legacy so I can install Windows 7. When I start installing it does Windows loading file. Then he asks me the language and when I click on install now he displays the following message: It says there is a missing cd dvd driver installed via a USB stick. Settings within the bios are done correctly. Also bios ha
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