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  1. Right, And before I do the above, I'll need to select my cursors of choice - right? laze.
  2. You may as well be speaking a foreign language. laze.
  3. Hey, I don't suppose you know the registry key to set the default cursors in XP? laze.
  4. In that case, please add the buttons to the theme linked in my previous message. Thank you. laze :-p
  5. Hey Rick, The buttons shown in the screenshot above, is it possible to add those to any theme? I'm currently using this theme and the standard buttons without the text look a bit silly. laze.
  6. Hey, If I remove the following from LSPatch.inf: [Patch.AddShortcut] Name =LS Patch CmdLine =16422,"%PATCH_DIR%",LSPatch_1.1.exe SubDir =Utilities WorkingDir=16422,"%PATCH_DIR%" InfoTip =Hide or Restore Logoff/Shutdown text ~ by Windows X [Strings] PATCH_DIR="Utilities\LS Patch" Will that mean no start-menu entry is created? Also, how would I go about re-packing the cab with my modified LSPatch.inf? Does LSPatch apply itself automatically or will I need to run it everytime I log on? What about newly created users, if it is automated, will it work for them too? laze.
  7. Hey, I would really like to use this add-on but the download link is dead. If you removed this add-on from your server please re-add it. Thanks. laze.
  8. Hello, Have you considered including Prime95? laze.
  9. Hey, Is is possible to remove the text "Log Off" and "Shut Down" from a traditional Windows theme as you've done with this release? Thanks. laze.
  10. Hey, Nevermind, I've figured it out, I was just being impatient. laze. ps. Feel free to clean your thread by removing my mass of largely useless posts :-).
  11. Hey, I've integrated the theme now but I'd like to set "Luna Royale (Alternative)" as the default variation rather than "Luna Royale" - is this possible and if so, how so? laze.
  12. Yes - but is it possible? :-) Maybe you can store it in a text file? laze.
  13. Hey, So my best bet really, is to just include a patched uxtheme.dll in my source to begin with. laze.
  14. Hey, Would it be possible to prompt the user to enter the folder name where their definitions are located, store this as a variable and use it in your batch file. windows defender/deffoldername$ Something like that? laze.
  15. Hey, I think this is the best idea, suggest your users do a find and replace. There are only two instances of the folder name in your *.cmd file. laze.
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