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  1. @Rud some nice animations from devianArt-forum: http://naruto20007.deviantart.com/gallery/ @dougiefresh ..realy nice bootscreen! you can download also from devianArt-forum: http://somnambul.deviantart.com/art/Vista-...otskin-85538607 ..but I found some other, a nice Pack: http://generalbrazil69.deviantart.com/art/...n-Pack-42637228 JBE
  2. ...would be a nice avatar for you! ..cause you
  3. oh God! ...sorry for my blindness! :worthy: ...have just found them for myself! ...searched in the wrong folders! you`re my Santa Claus m8! :sorcerer: JBE
  4. sorry amnesia .....but there are just the same GREEN bitmaps in it. ....some BLUE ones available? JBE
  5. @amnesia thx for updating! .....as I prefer the blue style....are the following blue bitmaps of xpsp2res.dll.res available? 10601 10602 10606 JBE
  6. Thx for the new update! ..is there blue or green bitmaps integrated? ...my blue and green German resources will get ready soon. Is it possible to upload them? JBE
  7. download ResourceHacker: ResourceHacker Open the following files from the Resources folder with ResourceHacker: msieftp.dll.res, setupapi.dll.res, shell32.dll.res, wiadefui.dll.res look for AVI on the left pane now you can change or build a new resource file
  8. @Mr_Smartepants blue vistalike Avis from devianArt-Forum: Download other colours are also available JBE
  9. ....I think so too ....great job of our friend Vishal Gupta!! SevenVG theme by Vishal Gupta ....here you get it: Download JBE
  10. oh yeah! have installed Windows 7 theme ( SevenVG Theme by Vishal Gupta) a few days ago ...and this looks absolute great!! ....but together with the blue bitmaps from the amnesia/oszone pack ...that rocks!!!! :thumbsup_anim: ...want to show you a sreenshot.... How can I put this image to my post? JBE
  11. @amnesia .....your batchscript from the V`ISO-Thread works perfect to change Language-IDs from 1033 --> 1031.....but all dialogwindows and the stringtables are still English.....must be translated or changed with ResourceHacker. I downloaded the blue bitmaps from oszone......they are fantastic!!! :thumbsup_anim: ...and of cource I can imagine what a hard work it should be to build them! again I have to thank you for your help! JBE
  12. @amnesia, @bober and all supporters of XPtsp: thx so much for all your hard work on this awesome project! :thumbsup_anim: When I will find enough time......I will translate in German! .....but that
  13. 2 amnesia thanx so much! your cmd-file work perfect! JBE
  14. 2 amnesia..... the necessary files (French.rar and French.7z) on filefactory are no longer available. Can anybody load them up again? Thanx JBE
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