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  1. Merry Christmas ! Happy downloading :dancing: and new year 2013
  2. Merry Christmas ! Happy downloading :dancing:
  3. Merry Christmas ! Happy downloading :dancing:
  4. I love Windows 9

  5. HI Can you make this tweak win7toolkit. http://www.hoffsays.com/2012/01/09/enable-remote-desktop-connection-on-windows-7-home-premium-sp1/
  6. I love Windows 8

  7. Hello! What has been bad Toolkit. 26 ... is just an extremely slow. I've been using the same machine toolkit regularly for years (Core i7, 4 * SSD RAID0, 12GB-DDR1866mem etc) is never done 19 hours of image change. I assumed that the bar after a visit image would have been prepared, it was not even the middle! In previous versions, the speed is fine.Sorry my bad English
  8. Hi ! Can i download this version ... Greeting from Finland
  9. @legolash Operations, as well as all the other drivers the case. Older versions of the Toolkit to integrate this driver as usual. Versions 80 ----> does not do it. And yes. Extracting the driver first 7zip program. No error messages of toolkit program.. But does not correctly identify as the old versions of the ATI driver is doing. Also cause an error. Installation takes 99% and after the error. File Corrupt.
  10. Hi ! Newest version of toolkit. i cant integrate driver AMD_Catalyst_12.1_Preview_Windows_Vista_7
  11. When the integration of language packs. Everything seems to be fine. Language Pack does not seems to go right image file. Windows setup does not have other languages ​​as standard.
  12. Yes ! Working... i have wrong picture... Working Fine ! Good work
  13. Windows setup backround and logon is default even change the picture .... ! :dancing:
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