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  1. Someone is still going wrong. I tried to change the installation of the wallpaper but does not change. :confused02: I'll try again //Tweaks Change Setup Background=E:\Windows mody\Wallpapers\1 (19).jpg
  2. I tried the installation, just change the background image. I put the. jpg. but I recall that must be a bmp? no errors yet ..... I'll tell you when I get to the end ....
  3. I am still waiting the new version for testing. :sweatingbullets: :sleeping_03anim:
  4. Setup background picture will change if it is upgrading to Windows. If the upgrade version, although the lower the better. When you install a clean installation, it does not change. There is still much work
  5. This is exactly what I meant. Perhaps the music folders and documents could be involved? Can you make the installation phase of the wallpaper mod? Is it also possible that the choice of what type of NINITE could directly choose what to install.
  6. I tried, did not work. Waiting for that you get updated that bug :ranting:
  7. I tried, did not work. Waiting for that you get updated that bug. :dribble:
  8. Hey! I tried to download updates (x64) solorilta. Picture included
  9. Hey! Long time no see. I became sick, but here again. I meant that the Favorites folder can be transferred directly to complete. ISO file. This allows them to remain involved. Also home to determine the complete and other IE settings. "2 There is an option to install all the Programs Automatically or do you mean you want to install somethings automically (7zip, etc. ..) and then asks W7T RunOnce Which others you want to install? If so then I Could add That" Yes, this meant. It could also make NINITE type directory of being able to choose what to install, such as security software. I can provide you with stacks of links for example, F-Secure, Avast, Antivir, etc. :naughty: :dribble:
  10. Start index can not be greater than the length of the string. Parameter name: Start Index I tried making a multilanguage version. Integrated into the Finnish version of the English language. Yes is the correct packages, and yes, I also tried one version, only the Ultimate. Yes they are both x86 ....:confused02:
  11. Has anyone yet installed the language package and tried that, it definitely works? In fact I did so, and at least the tilt between the Finnish package installation. I still download the new language pack files to make sure that there is nothing wrong with it.
  12. I meant Oops! I do not even consider if there's anything, because then I could not find anywhere to enter a bmp image.
  13. How would it change installation in the back round? :questionmark: or this - Add Context Menu Option to Extract / Unpack Files from MSI (Microsoft Installer) Package http://www.askvg.com/add-context-menu-option-to-extract-unpack-files-from-msi-microsoft-installer-package/
  14. :sleeping_03anim: uups! I have yet to even look at what is there muuta.Kuvapaikkaa (OEM LOGO) I could not find. Can it be added.
  15. In fact, I used the machine where that was removed. It is possible. Is it useful ?.... I do not know. Dig from the server that removal instructions. Lego make a decision then whether this is correct or not!
  16. Oooo ... I meant the Silent Installer. Now I do not understand what you mean?
  17. When I come back after testing to put more programs, understands the program increase, or should we put all the programs at once. It would be a nice addition, if the programs would be able to remove or update!
  18. I do not know how, but now also works from USB silent installer. Drivers integrates correctly and everything works brilliantly. A very fine job Lego. Now it is time (you) to add OEM information, etc. and installation of wallpapers. Testing yet more Installer program, but at least if there is one program, it works brilliantly.
  19. In this photo you requested :naughty:
  20. I can of course. Just to test the drivers, so goes the moment.
  21. Silent installer does not install the software if you install Windows from a USB stick. DVD ROM everything works. Do you put bootwim revised version that I can download it or update more at a time. Thank you! Now I can test.:dribble:
  22. Thank you. Very good and fast action. Testing the right platform. I'll tell you to be successful. :thumbsup_anim:
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