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  1. 1) If I don't want to anybody modify or Extract or read any comment in my winrar sfx file (can execute only) How I do (I tried to check Lock achive Box It still) 2) I used SciTE Scriptwriter for write autoit script and I used winrat sfx to complete it(after extract run command) but If I don't want to show any automation when it process How I do? ( I tried after extract command app.exe /S don't work) Sorry for poor English
  2. Sorry.. My English is poor But I need help From http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?sho...c=1466&st=0 I try to use it with many program they work but now I try to use it with Microsoft Office 2007 it's not work but neary I copy every files from cd and record for write script with SciTE Script writer same many program but it's can't close setup window in last page (when setup has been finish) Script still running (script not complete) I tried to use winwait ,winwaitactive same many program for wait program process to finish but I cannot because fist setup page until last setup page have same title name ,class in windows and text same same (I use autoit info check) exp ("Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007", "NUIDocumentWindow") I think somebody can help me for wait program process to finish then action click or alt+F4 Sorry again for my Enlish
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