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  1. does anyone know if there is a shell extension for the context menu which enables you to add a background image to a folder?
  2. I want someone to create a visual skin for me.If anyone wants to help me pm me
  3. yes,but these versions hve the system properties and other graphics interfces already edited and i want to do that too!!
  4. does anyone how can i create an Unattended XP installation like Windows XP "Awesome edition" or "Black edition" who has already the OEM and other graphics properties edited?
  5. I want to know how to include the "Boot Screen" & the Logn Screen" on the Unattended XP CD.I also want to know how to Modify And add the Autorun Menu which comes up when the XP CD is inserted.
  6. how can the oem already be edited in a new unnatended windows xp?and how can i add boot screen and logon screens to unnatended windows xp?Also does anyone know if the dark edition and others editions of xp were made by nlite?
  7. how did they edit the system properties in unattended windows xp like darklite edition?How can you edit the place of the .bmp ?
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