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  1. Hi, i'm from germany, so i'm not sure if this is the proper name for the service/feature. I use Windows 10 Pro x64 and are currently messing with install_wim_tweak (nice tool). So i was thinking about what i do not need and saw under Control Panel the "Phone and Modem" icon and it disturbs me , so my question is: Do someone know, what is the name of the WIM package for this functionality or is there a way to get rid of it in a clean way? I already removed a package called Microsoft-Windows-Mode-Drivers... and searched in the package list for phrases like "tapi, tele" and "modem" but nothing found. Thanks in advance eh btw: Is there a list with all Windows 10 packages and their descriptions available like this: https://technet.microsoft.com/de-de/library/hh825549.aspx
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