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  1. Thank you so much, people. tamilcheetas : yes, I'll try to integrate WIC and the SQL runtime with the Photo Gallery addon. Really thanks, everybody. Today I have a Java exam in school ... now I'm both nervous and happy. EDIT: I added a new addon for you, tamilcheetas. I tested the silent installer, it works.
  2. The Live Installer downloads and installs the Live programs by downloading an MSI and executing it silently. That's how I got them. Just downloaded, installed, uninstalled and kept the installer. EDIT : it refers to all of the Live addons. Some are silent, some need switches, but all came from Live Installer.
  3. Nice proggie. Nice addon, thanks. Too bad it doesn't match my Royale.
  4. You can use my new Live Photo Gallery addon. Better than the normal gallery....
  5. Lots of hard work to create these addons. Really enjoyed making them. I made sure everything's up to date. :sweatingbullets: Took one hour to find a way to get the standalone installers ... :confused02: * Live Photo Gallery requires Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition and WIC installed in order to run. I'm not sure about that, but maybe some other Live programs need them. I used Mail, Sign-In Assistant and Messenger without the SQL runtime, I installed it after Photo Gallery and Writer, so maybe they need it. ** There's no need to integrate the SQL runtime and WIC first, they're needed only for running, not for installing. You can even integrate just the programs, without the runtimes. *** SP2/3 is required, according to Microsoft. **** Something really idiotic about the addons - they show a progress dialog. Dumb me. Maybe I'll fix it in the near future. :doh: EDIT : tried to fix this problem, but it persists. Argh. ***** I recommend you to put the Photo Gallery addon at the end of the list - this addon (without any apparent reason) always runs after the previous one, without waiting for it to finish. Maybe it's just in this case, with the NETFAXIO and other Live addons, but ... the addon works. Writer requires .NET framework. I use the NETFAXIO All-in-One addon , the silent version. All addons tested and working under nLite 1.4.5. Windows Live Photo Gallery (Build 12.0.1308.1023) by Microsoft Easily manage and share your photos and videos. Windows Live Photo Gallery AddOn (9.23MB) MD5 - d6a830c868996919ffdf195433b97d6b Windows Live Photo Gallery + Runtimes (all in one) AddOn (11.6MB) MD5 - bd6cce1ee801624e0bf57a1a628a0231 Windows Live Mail (Build 12.0.1606) by Microsoft Microsoft's free e-mail program, with the familiar features of Outlook Express, plus more. Windows Live Mail AddOn (11.9MB) MD5 - d839497f9f2b878a07c41cf9093ca65f Windows Live Messenger 8.5 (Build 8.5.1302.1018) by Microsoft Connect, share, and make every conversation count. Windows Live Messenger 8.5 AddOn (15.8MB) MD5 - 8044a0377455af45b6877021e439a19b Windows Live Toolbar (Build by Microsoft Start a search from anywhere. *The official overview says it supports IE6. Windows Live Toolbar AddOn (1.28MB) MD5 - 13cc524ff2ff4c697a2bd1b88aed8e53 New ! Windows Live OneCare Family Safety (Build 2.0.5817.2) by Microsoft Help keep your kids safer online. Windows Live OneCare Family Safety AddOn (2.12MB) MD5 - be138fa0521d1c78709e92b8a546d4bb Windows Live Writer (Build 12.0.1370.325) by Microsoft Makes it easier to compose compelling blog posts using Windows Live Spaces or your current blog service. Requires .NET Framework! Windows Live Writer AddOn (4.33MB) MD5 - f3f2253514c5bc478734a364972a1c15 Windows Live Sign-In Assistant by Microsoft Makes it easier to use several users in Windows Live applications. Windows Live Sign-In Assistant AddOn (636KB) MD5 - a43c1ec347f1d5f15047874943f159a7 Runtimes - Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition by Microsoft Needed for Photo Gallery. Maybe needed for Writer/Toolbar , additionally. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition AddOn (1.07MB) MD5 - 313fa9728d8d1345db7f67e1583bc154 + Windows Imaging Component AddOn (1.21MB) MD5 - 15b71f57f3f24c490b1a3f4be625a6d9 Changelog: If you like/dislike these addons , please comment. I'd like to hear from you. I had many views in my previous addons, but... no comments. :shy:
  6. NetHack 3.4.3 created by the legendary DevTeam Contains : TTY version (console, ASCII) WIN32 version (tiles, can be played with ASCII) The guidebook and other help files that come with NetHack. Kept them. * Creates start menu shortcuts for both versions. ** Can be removed by deleting the files, no registry keys used, made a simple installer to extract files only. NetHack 3.4.3 AddOn - 1.52MB MD5 - 6df3eb38ed04c78e1cbd24f02bb94f07 Website - nethack.org Newsgroup (to request help, discuss the game, whatever) - r.g.r.n (FileFlyer) Mirror (RapidShare) Enjoy!
  7. Yep, NetHack is the best game ever. Too bad it doesn't have an installer. Believe me, I'm trying to make a NetHack addon ... Meanwhile, enjoy the SporkHack addon. SporkHack is a NetHack 3.4.3 (latest) variant, it's pretty much the same, SporkHack is supposed to be harder. SporkHack 0.5.0 addon - 1.17MB MD5 Hash - 475fd5ffaa98aabfb7f4fa5f722bba25 (FileFlyer) Mirror (RapidShare) Enjoy!
  8. WinMD5Sum addon (213 KB) MD5 Sum - d7e0df619873960ea52e8d66a0414322 (Rapidshare) ________________________________________________ As a Nethack player, I had to make this one. Maybe I'll create a NetHack addon, without any installer, just file copy. Vulture's Eye 2.1.1 addon (26.9 MB) MD5 Sum - 5f25d91aaebb666886be52ae0448487e (Rapidshare) Enjoy ! EDIT : Fixed some problems with the addons. I put the names instead of the description. Re-uploaded them, to Rapidshare. :angry:
  9. Flashboot is very useful in creating bootable flash drives, it can convert BartPE/Linux CD images to flash drives, create bootable DOS/FreeDOS USB drives, etc'. USB keys can become very useful backup and recovery tools with Flashboot, I use it myself - made my old MP3 player bootable with FreeDOS 1.0 and NetHack. This is the demo version! Screenshot (taken from the creator's site) : Flashboot addon - 4.03 MB MD5 Checksum - 22491c5eb7bcd130533e0cd59ab1ff51 (Fileflyer) Mirror (Megaupload) !! - To add your license - simply copy license.xml to the Flashboot folder with a run-once command .
  10. Thanks for the comments... Rick, I'm your fan, I've been using your addons for months ... you're the best addons creator around. I'll update my post soon, i'll add the MD5 checksum, size, buttons and maybe an updated FF addon .
  11. First addon, made the FireFox one, then found it works the same for the ThunderBird installer . Tested the switchless installers, so I guess it works. Right , nothing special about the firefox addon, but the ThunderBird addon - all you can find is old addons here. I do not guarantee anything, it's my first addon post ... hope you like it. I'm new here and in JoeJoe, but i'm a 'Windows geek' for a long time. My next addons will be a customizable Firefox addon, with plugins, themes and optimized settings, and (maybe) a Royale mod (by me) with Segoe UI patcher addon (replaces luna with royale, with Segoe UI font and some other font mods ,and replaces the default shell dialog with Segoe UI) . Currently working on it. Firefox 2.0.14 addon - 11.8 MB MD5 Checksum- e089cca4be4e0fe399487183a1194d79 Thunderbird 2.0.12 addon - 24.6 MB MD5 Checksum- 09769ad85d12980126a2ce458937db72
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