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  1. :crying_anim02: :crying_anim02: :crying_anim02: :crying_anim02: There is no Nero DiscCopy Gadget in this nero package:(
  2. OK I download This NERO Trial but I must say that in installation window there was NO ANY options to mark about NERO DiscCopy Gadget :crying_anim02:
  3. :help: :censored: :crying_anim02: :ranting: It's don't work files stay in the disc even wit this new files from You ricktendo64 :crying_anim02: What kind of Nero I must to download???
  4. No I did not install the Nero trial or the Nero Lite or Micro! I download from some web page Nero and my Nero have weigh 991MB after the installation. When the installation its weigh is about 4GB I try to install this gadget with this new files from You I have hope it will be work
  5. Thank You very much :worthy: ricktendo64 :worthy: The gadget it's working but not so good I think:( When I want to erase disc it's show me all this beautifull effects :dribble: but disc it's not erase:( Files stay in the disc:( and I don't know way:(
  6. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!:( On the beginning I wont to apologize for my English:( I don't known how to install this gadget:( I have Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit polish version. I try to install Nero disccopy gadget with NERO - 150MB NERO - 990MB NERO - 238MB In Nero 8280 and Nero 8030 there was no any options to mark in installation mode about DiscCopy gadget:( Every time I only see the massage that .....COM SERVER NOT FOUND..... :crying_anim02: Please write me step by step how can I install this gadget and what I need to download
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