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  1. Stavo caricando programmi oggetto il vostro lavoro dall'ora-ospite che mi sono domandato se il vostro lavoro per il sidebar funzionasse per me ma they' il Re in italiano in modo da non fa le applicazioni inglesi non funzionerebbe per me comunque preoccupazioni (Sorry I used babelfish..)
  2. Don't worry bout my question.. I noticed the language in the addons.. I can use some but not the sidebar ones are ITA so yea No worries man
  3. Yea I think framedyn is IE related or something.. it's prolly an addon I used
  4. Yea I think framedyn is IE related or something.. it's prolly an addon I used
  5. I just tried another one in vm... gave framedyn.dll error
  6. Do you happen to know how to modify the bootscreen.. Ive been trying but it's a pain
  7. Ok sorry to bug but question... Ive been peeking at onepiece's hr host.. so Ive downloaded some of those addons, can I use them There's also some sidebar addons on there.. are those useable for rick's sidebar addon Thnx, just asking
  8. Having problems... After integrating and installing.. only thing in start menu is Live call
  9. Well I installed it on Virtualbox.. I don't see any issues or errors
  10. http://www.istartedsomething.com/wp-conten.../darkaurora.png Marvelous wallpaper
  11. I wanna test a dark xptsp with that lol Aye patience.. lol
  12. None is perfect dude Yea I know red is nice.. it would go nice with my plan for an xp mod lol Im just scared of the whole resources thing.. Im more of a graphic/design person Btw.. I mainly use photoshop.. not sure bout paint thingy
  13. Yea I figured.. I was only asking because I wanted to use one of the XPTSP packages.. thnx anyway man
  14. OK kinda question.. is it possible to add IE8 later on in nlite/rvmi (I barely use rvmi..) or maybe even integrate IE7 1st?
  15. No sweat man.. just asking anyway So ya mean the red can done from the original resources.. Im not every technical tho
  16. Love this tool.. had a couple questions but posted them in the black version forum lol Great work guys.. keep up
  17. IE8 compatible? And this one reminds me of the blue one.. lol but I prefer this one, darker You guys don't happen to know of any red resources do ya.. if ya don't it's ok I like to play around with XP mods.. so yea
  18. Thanks guys Well I was trying to add a background to that dialog Ive already done it to msgina.. but that would make the other one look outta place if it isn't changed also
  19. Ok what shell or file is used for fast user switching.. the Log Off button.. Then it shows Log off Windows and Switch user options.. how do you customize that one
  20. I keep trying with this but yea... For a start I guess PSP seems to adapt more to it than Photoshop
  21. I don't know if this is the same issue but when I used the addon and installed the XP on my comp it kept running a windows installer each time messenger started up
  22. Cool man np.. thnx for trying either way
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