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  1. For your spam issue... give this a try http://www.spambotsecurity.com/zbblock.php
  2. yea I can see the use of a Windows Gadget for a project that's on an unknown status
  3. Well it was the ONLY thing I like bout Vista.. the visual style (never used Vista tho.. but as you know I have used XPTSP.. I put it on my Xp every time lol)
  4. Inspiration... http://fediafedia.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d12wn5f
  5. Hmm like this actually lol http://ansonsterling.deviantart.com/#/d27ek6y Wonder if it's doable..?
  6. Ok this program is not the only one NIS has issues with.. NIS does not seem to handle altered system files very well For the palette error.. it was a blank on mine too And yea then reshacker opened up.. well that could be why I had all these errors like in qwesta's picture? (the second pic)
  7. Ok maybe it's me but I can't seem to make task manager working with this installed.. Ok sorry but an edit too.. NIS 2010 removed the taskmanger in the CAD folder
  8. I meant silent install switches for installing the program itself
  9. Ok I get the new palette errors and suddenly reshacker popping up
  10. yea I was just gonna ask that.. that was an issue of mine with gui a while ago, it just kept repatching and making me reboot
  11. Think you lost me on the technical stuff.. lol And btw as for the Norton thing.. I switch off my auto-protect temporarily when I apply the patch
  12. Engelse versie laat wel echt op zich wachten
  13. This seems to be a common error with those packs... Alltho the maker(s) have been told bout it and say there should be no issues Im not sure what the solution is.. Only thing I can say is Ive started to use other packs
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