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  1. Fyi, none of the solutions here have worked for me on 3 different machines with Windows XP x64 everyone. I'm not sure what your doing differently, I've followed everything to the T. Here's a copy of Vista x64's Windows Sidebar/ http://rapidshare.com/files/223593669/Wind...m.Vista.x64.zip
  2. rick, 1910_Vista_5744_Sidebar_4_XP works fine on Windows XP x64. Finally figured this out after months of struggling. With this installed, what should I do to update it to the latest sidebar version? (alchy 2k3 1.1 is still installed)
  3. I'm having issues installing this on Windows XP Professional x64. I've tryed the Alchy XP as well as the Server 2003 version. Neither of which allow the Sidebar to be installed, after clicking Yes I receive "INF Install failure. Reason: Could not retrieve the system message. You may run out of the system resource." & nothing else happens. Any ideas? Edit: I see the member above me is having the same issue. Any feedback?
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