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  1. np rick hope this can help u do some kind of work around without turning off hardware acceleration.. i was also thinking about graphic driver imo...
  2. @@ Rick well i browsed deep into google.. as i thought there was more to it than the gadget and guss wat.. its a Hardware Acceleration, you might well know all this already.. this is the link of what i had to do :Hardware Acceleration so i turned down notch by notch until the video gadget stopped flickering... eventually i turned it off >>>> to none. and now i get a proper piture in the video gadgets.. i am not sure if this will affect the whole system though.. so i will check and post back Regards Pele
  3. @ Rick, here you go link to video gadget is : BBC News 24 i have noticed that when i low the video acceleration to half or none... i can see a slight picture, but its still flickering.. and ofc i still get sound regardless, and i can view the gadjet in full screen with full picture and sound.. but just cant get a fixed steady picture whilst on the sidebar.
  4. can anyone help... with my video probs.. as before i can view in full screen.. but cant see anything when any video gadget is docked.. or is the a way i can adjust the sidebar transparency >.<
  5. o_O nice spec... in regards to what i thought solved my glitchy video feed... it does not work now ;/
  6. hmmm...its strange cause when i undock its fine and same as in full screen.. but when i shrink it back or should i say attach to dock it goes black.. its only visable when i have a dialog box on top of the video ^^ EDITED !! OK I FIXED IT ! Wat i did was, right clicked on video to bring up wmp options then i clicked advanced and unchecked use video mix venderer, and plop video gogogoog ! XD dunno if this has been dun already but o well XD p.s only works for the 2 minute headlines ^^.. the other links dun work ;/
  7. hi im new here... first of all hello to all second WOW, this has got to be the best sidebar i have used on xp to date... ( was former Desktop Sidebar user ) and third i am stuck >.< i have installed a gadject which displays bbc new video, this one BBC NEWS VIDEO FEEDS, and ofc i can hear the sound etc BUT.. the video is black and its kinda there but hidden.. glitchy etc.. any tips and thx in advanced and hope i posted in right sectiob cheers !
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