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  1. Some news, I integrated one update in one version (windows 7 Starter 32 bits), rebuilded and recreated ISO. If I install this version the installation success but, if I try to install windows 7 Professional 32 bits the installation fails in the same point. Anyone knows what can be the problem, because I'm dont know anything!
  2. No I don't mix, the original disc have all windows 7 versions, but when I integrate the updates only select x86 versions. I'm selecting only 32 bits updates but when I integrate in all 32 bits versions the ISO install fails. If I integrate the same updates into one version the ISO install success.
  3. I have a disk with all versions of Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit. When I make the integration of updates into one of them (eg Windows 7 Professional 32-bit) and create the ISO, the resulting disk is installed without any problems. But when I make integration of all 32-bit versions, the resulting disc always gives an error in the last phase of the installation. Why when I integrate one of them works but integrating in all fails?. Thank you.
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