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  1. @dsp.deepak Try integrating the update pack with RVM, that works now. I've had problems using nLite since it started working in RVM. I sill use nLite for almost everything else and it works well (except for the problem mentioned in the post right before this).
  2. Hey OnePiece. Thanks for your continued work on this addon. I still have problems with Desktop Search. It works fine after running your batch file that you previously posted. I'm curious as to why that is necessary. I don't think it is an error in my builds, I think most people remove Desktop Search, so they don't ever notice the problem. Anybody's feedback is welcome. I'd like to resolve this problem.
  3. Sorry for the delay, but I've been having trouble getting a working build. For weeks now, very frustrating. Well I finally found my problem(s). Anyway, your CMD file works for fixing Desktop Search. Is there anyway to fix the UpdatePack so this extra step is not necessary?
  4. Only service I've removed is Messenger. This Windows Search bug has always been there for me BTW. Integrating Ricks Windows Search AddonPack has always fixed it.
  5. My fix for this is to integrate the Ricktendo Windows Search addon as well. I know it is redundant, and it makes me feel a little dirty doing it, but it does seem to work perfectly. I've brought this up in OnePiece's UpdatePack thread, a couple times, and no one seems to take notice. Hopefully this can get fixed soon. Even though many people hate Windows Search, a broken portion of an UpdatePack, even this insignificant, makes me feel like something is wrong with the pack as a whole. I'm sure its probably just one typo in the Windows Search section. I just wish OnePiece had the time to fix it, or that I had the expertise to easily find the problem and present it to him.
  6. Just wanted to verify that if I install the Rick64 addon of Windows Search for RVM that everything works right. I'm not too worried as Windows Search is probably the least important part of you AIO pack, thus the fact I'm the only one who has mentioned it I'm not surprised..... I don't really use it either.
  7. Windows Search doesn't seem to be working, still. I think the service is not being properly registered. It looks like everything is there but the program doesn't actually function. In the past, before I realized that Windows Search was included in your pack, I also integrated Ricks pack for this and everything worked fine. I will try that again to make sure that still works. I'm no expert at these things. But I think the Windows Search Service is not being registered as it is not present at all.
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