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  1. Updated to latest version. I implemented a couple of bugfixes as well that should be present in the official release of 4.4 when it comes out.
  2. Status Updates are for squares.

  3. I'd love to use this, but unfortunately your host is down. I can host it if you can get it to me.
  4. I actually took interest in this program when I learned that the company has an official affiliation with the Church of Scientology. I was just curious to see if they were promoting the religion within the program itself. They don't. It seems to work well. I know a guy that swears by it (he's not a Scientologist, just to get that question out of the way). I have no complaints.
  5. Works really well for me. Been using it for about a year now. I tried it with file.it today, however, and it didn't work. The plugins are updated very frequently, though.
  6. UltraDefrag 4.3 UltraDefrag_4.3.0_DumpyDoobyAddons_10.06.15.7z - 196 KB MD5: 12bc9827852ab36ea9b00e5a64b1e05a Installs To: %WINDIR%\UltraDefrag Shortcut: Utilities Last Updated: 20100615 Notes: In previous versions, DriverPacks BASE would delete entries that were necessary for this addon, but I don't believe that will be a problem anymore since I changed the filenames. If you have issues, however, try installing this particular addon after you have already run BASE. License: GNU GPL Language: English; I removed all other language packs. Description: UltraDefrag is an open source disk defragmen
  7. ie7pro 2.4.7 IE7Pro_2.4.7_DumpyDoobyAddons_20090930.zip - 2.44 MB MD5: 8ba6b66872679b4428a04dbfa891ba24 Installs To: %PROGRAMFILES%\Internet\IEPro Shortcut: none Last Updated: 20090930 Notes: The following changes have been made: Uninstaller has been removed. Personally, I like to keep ARP clean of debris. I don't really see anyone removing this program entirely. It takes up all of 3 MB and it can be disabled. At the moment, I don't intend to make an uninstaller for it. Some settings are placed in the default profile's "Application Data" directory. License: Freeware Description: IE7Pro is a m
  8. No problem. I'm working on integrating an offline defrag driver into my Windows XP setup, and I wanted it available during PRESETUP.CMD to instantiate it on next boot so that my ROE installs are applied to a freshly defragged partition. Anyway, to accomplish that I had to learn all of the registry flags for the HiveInf files, and it took me a while to find that info so I figured I'd share it here. Probably too niche for most people, but at least the info can be easily found now. edit- As it turns out, those are all on gosh's website. I spent so much time looking for those. aww. lol.
  9. You can add INFs during textmode by adding entries to [HiveInfs.Fresh], [HiveInfs.Upgrade], and/or [HiveInfs.Fresh.RemoteBoot] (You should hopefully be able to figure out the meaning of those) in your TXTSETUP.SIF file. When you do this, the flags for registry entries changes slightly. Here they are. REG_SZ - 0x00000000 REG_SZ_NOCLOBBER - 0x00000002 REG_DWORD - 0x00010001 REG_DWORD_NOCLOBBER - 0x00010003 REG_MULTI_SZ - 0x00010000 REG_BINARY - 0x00030003 REG_EXPAND_SZ - 0x00020000 REG_EXPAND_SZ_NOCLOBBER - 0x00020002 REG_NONE - 0x00020001 VALUE_NOT_SET - 0x00000010 VALUE_NOT_SET_NOCLOBBER -
  10. If you don't mind sharing the source, can you include it? Generally the easiest way to just embed it into the file using the following syntax: FileInstall(@ScriptFullPath,@TempDir & @ScriptName) I'd like to create an output that isn't dependent on writing to a file and then displaying in Notepad. edit- Just to disclose my intentions, I'm thinking of doing something along these lines... $swid = "display-drive-space";This is the ID. This is commonly used to prevent duplicate instances of the same program. Global $output_container = GUICreate($swid, 800, 600) Global $output_field = GUICtrlC
  11. That was during the RAM bottleneck days. That was when the determining factor of a branded computer's price was its memory capacity, rather than its video card, CPU, storage capacity, or motherboard functionality (certainly all of those played a role, but the importance of RAM was marketed like crazy; even to this day, Joe Computer Dinosaur says, "How much RAM does it have???" when the real bottleneck these days is hard-drive speed). Naturally, it sparked a lot of snake oil salesmen claiming to have cures for inadequate RAM. How's that for a trip down memory lane? I feel old.
  12. Thanks for the info. I didn't realize that these programs were gimmicky. Are there any third party memory managers that you know of that do a better job than the system's memory manager?
  13. Is this upgradeable? If Microsoft pushes a Windows Media Player 11 hotfix, will the hotfix install properly without ruining this? I would assume that there would be some situations in which an upgrade could revert the appearance to more of a WMP11 look (by replacing DLLs that contain the resources that make the pretty colors and whatnot). If this were to happen, would the user wind up with a half-11, half-12 look, depending on which resources have been replaced by the hotfix? I'd rather not use this if security updates are going to send everything to Hell in a hand-basket.
  14. If there is any interest, I can turn this into a SVCPACK addon quite easily. DefaultInstall already works on it. It would certainly take up less space on the disc. Thoughts?
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