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  1. Hımmm, possible. Here http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=tr. Note : This is 06/05/2008 version. I am installed my home pc this is version. But other for 3 pc older IE7 version installed.
  2. Yes Rick, I trayed before, but solution its nothing. I am installed 4 pc. Just my pc too error. My office pc normal, my 2 friend pc normal, but my home pc pink cpu. What time run messenger, or media player classic, or aver tv, or Winamp with video files playing pink cpu fixed. Sorry my bud english. For all help verry thanks...
  3. Pink CPU Gadget Problem! Start the windows sidebar just cpu gadget is pink color. But after run the messenger, or media player classic, or aver tv with cpu gadget normal transparan color. Why??? This PC System XP Pro SP3, IE7, WMP11. Regards
  4. I am doing fixed Turkish Language. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; Localized Misc LOC_NAME="Windows Kenar
  5. Visit VirusTotal Website process.exe MD5: 7397f6ee4a9601a123b645c0cd428017 First received: 2006.05.23 07:09:38 (CET) Tarih: 2008.06.19 17:23:13 (CET) [<1D] Sonu
  6. Hi Guys, Help Me! Windows Sidebar (Turkish and English) don't install SP3. Error Alky for Windows XP. Why? ( I try 3 sp3 pc). But install and work sp2...
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