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  1. seems part 2,3 and probably 4 are not available from link on first page Thank you
  2. @nonno fabio also a not for the record, you didnt change the version update in the post from v5.9.0 to v 6.0.0
  3. first post should be in the introduction forum, not a question of updates what do you think about this sir/madam
  4. german language would be an alternative, thank you
  5. thank you for the update. i wish you had left it multilingual
  6. @kel do you mind updating this one please? Yours has been the best out there. Thank you
  7. I think we need an update here, any chance please? Thank you
  8. Use "RVM_Integrator" to intergrate the "Onepiece AIO Addon" as "update Packs" alone until it is done, thereafter,intergrate the removal Addons one by one as "Addon packs" not "update Packs" ......
  9. I wanted to try this on an Italian xp3 86 system but it didn't work, Any Advise or clue about this? Thank you
  10. @Rick I have one small question. I was able to make my own biuld using your instructions; How can I make a silent Addon which I can integrate when making my CD? Thank you and a nice day
  11. do you have some time to update this one too? Thank you
  12. upps! file not found any correction please? Thank you /edit It is working a gain, thank you
  13. thank you rick, can one make a German language copy?
  14. thank you for the update, but installation doesn't work/ at least it installs endlessness..( will install every time you start the program)
  15. yes we have discussed this problem for a long time and it seems there is no solution/ at the moment ...
  16. I will stick with 121375, It works perfectly in all environments But, thank you for the update
  17. best made but not yet updated though.. I will wait nevertheless..
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