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  1. just one question of interest:- what line in the .cfg file can I edit to make/create a virtual drive ? OR is the Addon already with a virtual drive? ( I would prefer a maker which any newbie can use without any hassle that can create a virtual drive since many of us prefer this app to VirtualCloneDrive, afterall all will be done at once in one app instead of 2 Apps) Thank you
  2. what if you first introduced yourself as a first post , to show you need help and grateful to be here after you googled? That will be a good sign
  3. cant get the difference between these and vmanda's?
  4. then integrate it in the pack please. it is not so, that every time a new KB appears, there is a new pack.
  5. well I did integrate the Addon (with many other Addons) when I was complying a fresh CD. I wished I could remove the CD after fresh installation and rebooted without leaving the CD in the ROM. That is what I meant. Thank you for the response anyway
  6. on another note, after running this on a CD I made, I noticed that one has to leave the CD inside the PC on reboot otherwise winrar wont install properly.
  7. It is now OK and works flawless: NB:- only the Addon works but not the SFX
  8. hi, I had no problems to make an addon, but after integration in a CD , it installs well but the themes I added are not there at all in VM(test). Any suggestions please? Thank you
  9. indeed, I just tested this version and all seems to work very fine (winXP_sp3, win7_SP1, win81)
  10. thank you for this ENU, I have failed to make one for DEU though.
  11. would be better to leave this to experts who have supplied us with very very good update packs up to the present. your pack is --sorry-- too ambiguous. But thank you for the attempt
  12. it does install quite well normally and that is what I did after a new XP installation. it seems not to work when integrated into CD as Addon though. NB i had to fall back to an old version 121452 and that works perfectly
  13. Hi I have been using this app and your Addon for as long as you made it, but this current Addon breaks up the whole set up when integrated on a new CD I was trying to make. Believe me I use so many addon on my integrated Cd, but it took me some hell of work to figure out which Addon was the culprit (took ages to sort it out). do you have a previous on as I had deleted mine in the hope all was fine? or may be you can check on this Addon Thank you and a nice day
  14. great god. thank you very much for all your big work.
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