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  1. Lol, got a gateway error whilst posting, somehow went a bit haywire ending up with three posts, sorry for that!
  2. Hey all, Logan here, first time posting here First of all I'd like to thank the creator of this really great program! Anyhow, me still being a noob, just started out playing around with making a custom win 7 image, there are some things i was wondering if anyone could be kind enough and help me out with answering for. I would like to have the Start Button, or Orb changed with the setup of Win 7 so i don't have to use a orb changer post installation. I've tried locating any feature in the program for this with no luck, perhaps there are on just me not being observant enough? I was testing RT7Lite and it has this feature of adding a custom orb, but somehow it gives the same error. I tried All-In-One Integrator > Advanced > Files > Add "explorer.exe" that i had the orbs inserted using Restorator 2007 with no luck. After the installation the orb is invisible and whilst i hover over it will show the orb and effect but kinda inverted and a bit abnormal. Anyone have a solution i would be thrilled! And i tried adding a wallpaper with the wallpaper feature but it didn't stick, i tried both bmp and jpg, any thoughts or input? The Windows 7 Ultimate x64 image was fresh from Microsoft untampered before my attempts. I'm very thankful for any input or solutions!
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