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  1. heyho, These packs are very old and not more updated. Is there any newer ones they do exactly same style? (Dont wanna add any new, just change all images to up2date and possible black colored (XPize Darkness)) The best would be something like "tenize" (lol), changing all images to win10 optic. Any suggestions? Edit: found by myself: http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/OS-Enhancements/Vista-Transformation-Pack.shtml
  2. Heyho, I just remembered long time ago I had something like this. I no clearly remember what was the exactly name and where I can download. It looked a bit like Win7-default in black color (borders). Any tips? edit: Found by myself: https://vishal-gupta.deviantart.com/art/SevenVG-Black-RTM-Theme-for-XP-138949044
  3. Sorry for my questions, but just for make sure: 1. When I try to slipstream it says I need to be on WinXP-Host, maybe possible to allow the splipstream-option for higher host-systems? (Both, NLite and /integrate parameter, I got setups erros, RyanVM not tested yet.) 2. There exist a lot other updatepacks, I just wanna make sure I really got ALL-POSSIBLE for the system, - have it include? (For example there is OnePiece-Update-Pack, seems it have WMP11 and IE8, - or its also in this one? - or its compatible?) I found some information on other sites: It have it ALL. 3. There any way to (direct-)integrate/Patch the MUI-stuff on a winxp-install-source? 4., Where I can find your google+ profile?? I searched, but cannot find anything there, google is such chaotic sh**. thank you very very much! can i post it here? maybe other searching too.
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