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  1. Thanks for this Geej. Any ideas how we can install this silently on a live setup of XP? I've used the following script:

    rundll32 syssetup,SetupInfObjectInstallAction DefaultInstall 128 FoxitRdr.inf

    However, this still shows the copying files and more importantly, I want to remove the Cancel button to stop users from cancelling the install. Any ideas?

  2. CCleaner 3.0 has been released!

    CCleaner v3.0

    Since its initial release in 2004, CCleaner has been the market-leading cleaning tool for Windows PCs. We are proud to announce the release of CCleaner v3.0! This release includes a multitude of features and changes, but don't worry we haven't changed the interface too much, so you'll still know how to use it. :)

    Changes include:

    * A new 64-bit native EXE designed specifically for 64-bit systems.

    * A new Drive Wiper tool screen under the Tools section, which allows users to securely erase the contents or free space on a specified drive.

    * Improved support for Internet Explorer 9 and the Google Chrome browsers.

    * We have also added improved cleaning support for HTML5 database storage, allowing CCleaner to effectively manage the next generation of web applications.

    * Additional cleaning support for Microsoft Silverlight Isolated Storage.

    * We've added three new environment variables (%SystemDirectory%, %SystemDirectory32%, and %SystemDirectory64%).

    * New application icon.

    * New Intelligent cookie keeping feature.

    * and more...

    You can download CCleaner 3.0 now at www.piriform.com/ccleaner

  3. Kel, is it possible to install this on a current installation? I have extracted the pack to a folder (C:\Uberpack) right clicked to install the UberPack.inf and it installs fine. However, it doesn't put all of the context menu items into the nice "Power Tweaks" menu. In fact the "Power Tweaks" menu doesn't even appear. It has installed MMM.exe and it is already in start up too. Any ideas?

  4. I just integrated this and when I did an install I get a tiny window pop up that says "Test" in the title bar and has a sharing icon in the middle of it.

    Any ideas?

    EDIT: Worse still it has appeared after install once the desktop has appeared and the window won't close! In fact, the window pops up every time you run DSI and won't go until you quit the program by right clicking the on taskbar icon. Also there is a file on the desktop called "TestWrite.png"

    Here is a screenshot.


  5. Recently I have been trying to create an updated image and keep getting the error "Setup Cannot Format This Partition" after it starts setup. I get this on every PC I try even Virtual Machines. Does anyone know what could be causing the problem?

    I have tried building an image step by step, first tweaks, compile, then half addons, then compile and then rest of the addons and compile and this works. It just comes up with this error when I create the image in 1 whole step.

    Is there anything I could be doing wrong?

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