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  1. I have tried to create a vLited x64 Vista Ultimate ISO. I downloaded a Windows Vista x64 SP1 Image from Technet and tried to integrate Fox's Vista Updates Pack along with some drivers. However, as soon as I try to install (either physical or virtual - VMware) I get the 0x80300001 and can't continue. I've searched all over but can't find a resolution. Anyone know how to fix this?
  2. Thanks for that MSFN link! Extremely useful!
  3. I've been searching all over for addon packages for Windows XP (x64). So far I've found an update pack by 5eraph over at RyanVM's forum. But it doesn't contain IE7 or WMP11. I can use Booogy's integrator for WMP, but are there addon packages for: IE7 .net Framwork 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 (SP1) Also, will some of the other x86 addons like Kel's CPL addon and the UberPack work with XP x64?
  4. dougiefresh, is there anyway I can customise the addon to change the default theme upon install? Currently it uses Blue I would like the installer to automatically use XPtsp.
  5. So, are True Addons integrated in nLite using the same method?
  6. Thanks ricktendo64, I haven't tried it yet because I've been away for the xmas break. I asked the same question on neowin and got told to try a similar command. FOR /D %F IN ("C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\7z*.tmp") DO RD /S /Q "%F"
  7. This doesn't work for me. I find that the "DEL" command deletes files, but not folders. For deleting folders you need to use "RD" or "RMDIR" command. However, I don't know how you can use a wildcard with "RD" or "RMDIR".
  8. I mainly use addons in my RIS installations and have been finding that there have been loads of folders with addon installations files left over in the "Default User" profile that is causing delayed logon times when users log on after a PC has been rebuilt. On investigating, I find that the folders left over all start 7z with a random 4 character string after it and ends in .tmp Example: 7zSBCA.tmp 7zSC1d.tmp 7zSC02.tmp 7zSC9c.tmp 7zSCA5.tmp 7zSBCC.tmp 7zSC1F.tmp 7zSC3A.tmp 7zSB04.tmp 7zSC9F.tmp 7zSC86.tmp 7zSCA8.tmp 7zSCA9.tmp Is there anyway I can delete these files before logon? I tried a script, but the 4 character string after 7z changes all the time.
  9. Can someone please explain what the difference is between the Addons? If I'm understanding correctly, an SVCPACK addon is an addon that is installed at T-13... I think. So, what exactly is a "True Addon"? And how would you integrate a True Addon using nLite for example? Also, how do INF files work in relation to addons? Just a few questions to increase understandability.
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