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  1. Hi Jan!!!! First of all I want to thank you for your help. I downloaded the new version 5.21, I do not see any error window but I did not work any of the tabs above, both Windows and the others. I had the window in grey completely without any options menu. I was checking TLS 1.2 in the Internet Explorer Web browser settings and it was enabled. Finally I realized that I had the old version of Internet Explorer, specifically version 8.0, then I downloaded version 11.0. Once updated Internet Explorer to version 11.0 now works correctly Heidoc software as you can see in the next screenshot. Thank you very much for this great software. Greetings from Spain!
  2. If I use the Office tab it works correctly as you can see in the following image:
  3. Hi, I selected Windows 10 and I always get the error message of the attached image. I have Net framework 4.6.2 installed on my PC, Internet Explorer 8 and use Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack1. I hope you can help me, I need to download the ISO Windows 10 Pro 64bits file
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