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  1. Just made my first bootable pen thanks to you guys. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!! Admin you can close the post now...
  2. Doesnt work with me idk why. An error appears saying bs about my internet connection. IDK. As a last request: Does anyone can send me the Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit ISO so i can make my bootable pen? Thanks, Diana
  3. I understand you cant help me with that. Last thing if you dont mind... Can you give me the source where you get that last ISO you gaved us? Just cuz i need the 32bit version and you gaved me the 64 one. Anyways i would like to have in my favorites that ISO WEBSITE for further projects. Found this: https://pastebin.com/mrrwdDEK but cant download them idk why. Only got the .txt. Thanks, Diana
  4. Thanks aLOT mate. What about the serial-key to activate it? Do you know where to find somes working?
  5. Hi there guys. I want to make a bootable pen with Windows 7 Ultimate. I've installed <Windows ISO Download> willing to donwload the ISO of Windows 7 Ultimate. The thing is the program says something about my internet connection. Weird since theres nothing wrong with my internet. Anyways... Is there any other place to download it? I might need also a serial-key to activate the Windows. Thanks alot, Diana from Portugal.
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