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  1. I was reporting this all here, before few months ago also. But than I was not sure, till I finally conclude my testings... Now I am sure as I can be on maximum... That is primary reason that I post my finally concluded foundings yesterday to all here once more, and I was detailed and thorough do the maximum, maybe that will help to fix the problem... I also believe that this is the best of the best of "Windows Sidebar Project" ever created for MSWinXP based Computers, but I cannot just disregard the memory problem, and I believe that it is a problem: Memory leakage ~ this Software need MSWin
  2. I was deliberately let via picture that all can see, all the Gadgets which I use this time on this last of my Test machine all here. All this I use also on Laptop with original VistaUltimateSP1, except those that are not from Microsoft - I mean on the some extra gadgets that are here on this great Windows Sidebar installation package only, and not on original Vista based PC. In both scenarios (PC based on MSWinXPSP3 and laptop based on VistaUltimateSP1), the 2 pages of Gadgets was on, in this of my last Test all here showed in the pictures. In before Test machines, I use only the default o
  3. On the all left side part of this whole picture is a date~time index representation pattern based on MSWinXPProSP3RTM OS. It is actually a test representation which is more-less the same, repeated on 8 cumulative Test PCs during last six months period. All this PCs has different but all original and not changed / modified, in any way or condition, an MSWinXPProSP3RTM on it, and one PC was based even and still on older MSWinXPProSP2RTM. All of them was freshly and clean MSWinOS installations, right from the scratch. The only thing that was maybe changed, it's a Windows Theme to more suites like
  4. And here are the results for today - I left all test PCs all night long fully engaged and on-line: 1. I even put last night the 3rd test PC in action all here, with the whole 16 Gadgets on MSWinVistaSP1 x86 (integrated / slipstreamed) + fully up- to-date over Windows Update Service, and after 11h passes by, I got today this scenario picture here: a) First sidebar.exe shows amount of mem. usage in Task manager: 19.332K (very stable number) Second sidebar.exe shows amount of mem. usage in Task manager: 2.644K (very stable number) c) Third sidebar.exe shows amount of mem. usage in Task mana
  5. RE: @ Bruno H how many gadgets you got open? I already described all fully detailed scenarios on both of my test PCs, that are just (re)built for this Vista Sidebar testings... It is not a problem for me to write again all that at all, but, I already wrote all this in my very first and huge post, so, if you will be kind enough to read it. It is a quite huge and boring text, I know, but in there I described everything in very specific detailed and step-by-step order, how I got this huge amount of mem. usage in the first place, so you can repeat the test on your own if you might need it. Right n
  6. RE: Bruno.H. more than one sidebar.exe process in taskmgr is normal, even happens on Vista Yes, affirmative, but is it normal that amount of mem. usage for just one sidebar.exe process in Task manager always explicitly rise, no mater what, use, after some 24h, even more than 350MB of mem. usage for just one sidebar.exe process, and there are even more and another two sidebar.exe process, that use another 30-50MB?! So, you see the point, the amount of memory that use just one of the sidebar.exe process in task manager do not stay stable on some number (or in some normal amount of mem. usage), i
  7. I am here for the very first time and I do not need even to tell you, how I am delighted that someone who really knows the job, doings something so great and desperately needed to wast majority of still Win XP or Win Srv 2K3 users... ~ Thank You!!! Finally someone who really knows the job about all this quite specific project, doing so great... ~ Congratulations!!! ---- And now the problem: I install everything as you instructed on 2 different test (clean install) PCs. First PC has MSWinXPSP2 x86 (integrated / slipstreamed) + fully up-to-date over Windows Update Service (but not the MSWinX
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