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  1. I was reporting this all here, before few months ago also. But than I was not sure, till I finally conclude my testings... Now I am sure as I can be on maximum... That is primary reason that I post my finally concluded foundings yesterday to all here once more, and I was detailed and thorough do the maximum, maybe that will help to fix the problem... I also believe that this is the best of the best of "Windows Sidebar Project" ever created for MSWinXP based Computers, but I cannot just disregard the memory problem, and I believe that it is a problem: Memory leakage ~ this Software need MSWinXP optimization.... Before few months ago, the Ricktendo64 comment for this was: Jun 30 2008, 09:02 PM Post #940 The memory bug is a odd one, only happens to some and not others (plus I am not smart enough to fix anything I just make the addon). tongue.gif) Like I said, I believe him, was patient, and try to investigate by myself once more, maybe I was mistaken, than once more testing on my own, than once more again, and here we are now, back again all here, with the same problem... I cannot simply be the only one has it, since all 8 different PCs with different configurations showing the same, in last six months of testing all this... And that is all that I have to say about all this... If I can help any further, post another picture, try something like some advice from Ricktendo64 himself or anybody else..., I am here on everybody service, because I really want to fix this problem, the only obstacle left seems to me, for this Windows Sidebar can finally be the best of the best for MSWinXP based PCs...
  2. I was deliberately let via picture that all can see, all the Gadgets which I use this time on this last of my Test machine all here. All this I use also on Laptop with original VistaUltimateSP1, except those that are not from Microsoft - I mean on the some extra gadgets that are here on this great Windows Sidebar installation package only, and not on original Vista based PC. In both scenarios (PC based on MSWinXPSP3 and laptop based on VistaUltimateSP1), the 2 pages of Gadgets was on, in this of my last Test all here showed in the pictures. In before Test machines, I use only the default one Gadgets that engaged immediately after installation of this great Windows Sidebar project all here, they also starving on unstoppable mem. usage, via MSWinXPSP3 based machine as described, but they eat than a mem. much slowly... In my testings, during last six months, I try with this locales: EN (as English), IT (as Italian) & HR (as Croatian / Hrvatska, just my present and temporary place of residence...) I did not change anything else on this MSWinXPSP3 based Test PC and on this Windows Sidebar, and the Microsoft Weather Gadget in it, I let as it was - on default it will not work on IT or HR, and I let it on that way, I did not even try to repair it as instructed, an neither use it at all. Instead of that, I use an MSN Weather Gadget, it works immediately great (just not on my pictures, because I was off-line). -------------- You say that you do not see the problem at all. Well, this is eight Test PC all here... The Test started at 31.03.2009. at 17:54PM and it last till the 01.04.2009. at 20:31. Test for approx. 24hours time period / 1 day, you can say... During that time, one of the three "sidebar.exe" process was stable all this long all here on my MSWinXPSP3 based computer (stable like in original VistaUltimateSP1 based laptop of mine...). I mean, in all this time, he did not crossed from 15.532K to 15.688K of mem. usage, at max. Did I mentioned earlier that during all this test time, I did not work at all on this Computer, he was completely off-line, and just left, I only PrintScreen a picture via Microsoft Paint from time to time, that's all... I did not work at all on that Computer, not a minute... But other two "sidebar.exe" processes all here via MSWinXPSP3 based Test PC, during that already mentioned 24h Test time, developed this: 73.084 - 37.576 = 35.508K (Mem. usage developing via 2nd "sidebar.exe" process) 51.660 - 34.076 = 17.585K (Mem. usage developing via 3rd "sidebar.exe" process) 35.508 + 17.585 = 53.092MB of cumulative Mem. usage of the 2 "sidebar.exe" processes in some 24h story development, and that amount of mem. continuously and unstoppable rising further! I mean, this is not big you say, how about on a PCs that will stay ON during more than this 24 hours all here, or even if this same problem is happening via MSWinServer2003!!!!!!????? If in just one day, he develops a more than 50MB of RAM usage, how about a month on a working via MS Server 2003 (?!). Am I the only one here that can clearly see the story development that will produce in time...?! You see, I can put just the default one Gadgets (less gadgets) all here as you advised, but the problem with unstoppable and continuously, aggressively rising mem. usage of just 3-4 max. engaged gadgets on listening your advise, will not simply goes away, just because I really love it and want so much that this great Windows Sidebar project really work and function on my MSWinXPSP3 based PC, and I cannot simply turn my eyes all here, because facts is a facts all here. I mean, this unstoppable mem. usage will repeat even with just 2-3-4 default engaged Gadgets all here, but they will just take more slow on time to develop a 50 or more MB of usage all here, and not on 1 day, but maybe 2-3-4 days they will need to rich 50 or more MB of mem. hunger.... - It is same old story all over again... So, use less gadgets all here is not a solution, because on Vista, the single one "sidebar.exe" process, for all default available and engaged Gadgets in my MSWinVistaUltimateSP1 will produce, in that same at 24h, a Memory consumption from 30.188K to 33.884K of cumulative mem. usage, at max.! That is only 3 and some MB all here my gentlemen in one day. I repeat, all the available gadgets by default in my laptop based MSVistaUltimateSP1 original was also here fully engaged, and I was also here fully off-line... And now here, on MSWinXPSP3 based Test PC and with the Windows Sidebar installation on it, I did not even try and engaged all the available Gadgets all here at all, instead of that, I was using most common and some extra Gadgets till max. of the number of 13 (lucky 13...) So the advice, do not use so many Gadgets will not simply eliminate the continuously and aggressively rising mem. usage problem all here, it will just slow it on, to our sight, just bearable issue all here, but, if you stay with your Computer ON, for a few days, the mem. usage will not just be some 50MB only all here, it will most surely and again rise to the sky baby... And, if the same problem happens also on MSWinServer2003 that will work / be fully engaged and ON, for months (I did not test it), well: "Houston, we have problem", that is truly called a mem. leakage all here... Yes, my RAM modules are really OK, I repeat, this testing was performed on 8 cumulative and different clean installation Test PCs, and one more laptop that carries my MSWinVistaUltimateSP1... No Malware was present all here, etc... I even do not use no AV Software or similar all here, that he will not interfere somehow with the results, and the Eset Smart Security 4 is only installed via my MSWinVistaUltimateSP1 laptop... And because I was unprotected most of the all testing time on this 8 Test PCs, I rather stay fully off-line, but just on start, for a few minutes I left him on-line, because I want that gadgets load their on-line material (MSN Weather Gadget, Microsoft Feed Headlines...), that they can work more properly and naturally... And, because I was off-line over my Test PCs, I also let my MSWinVistaUltimateSP1 based laptop also fully off-line all this testing time period, as I already mentioned and written, to simply give the most similar testing environment on everything... My conclusion cannot be simply nothing else all here, than the mem. leakage..., now matter how I like all this simply beautiful project all here to breath fully with its lungs! That's the reason because I earlier advice that some really great programmer professional need to take a look at it... Well, I really will put my cross-fingers for the luck all here!
  3. On the all left side part of this whole picture is a date~time index representation pattern based on MSWinXPProSP3RTM OS. It is actually a test representation which is more-less the same, repeated on 8 cumulative Test PCs during last six months period. All this PCs has different but all original and not changed / modified, in any way or condition, an MSWinXPProSP3RTM on it, and one PC was based even and still on older MSWinXPProSP2RTM. All of them was freshly and clean MSWinOS installations, right from the scratch. The only thing that was maybe changed, it's a Windows Theme to more suites like Vista View, and that's all… For MSWinXPProSP2RTM I was needed to install the "Wireless LAN API (KB918997)" and the "Windows Sidebar continuously increase in memory in MSWinXPSP2 (KB940541)", but for MSWinXPProSP3RTM this two Updates are not needed anymore for manual installations, since the MSWinXPProSP3RTM has both of this Updates integrated, as Microsoft Corp. officially claims in their MSWinXPProSP3RTM whitepapers!!! So, the five left sided MSWinXPProSP3RTM pictures all here, are representing following date~time indexes: a ) 31.03.2009. 17:54PM * b ) 31.03.2009. 23:40PM c ) 01.04.2009. 01:57AM d ) 01.04.2009. 17:09PM * e ) 01.04.2009. 20:31PM Furthermore, on the all right side part of this whole picture is a date~time index representation pattern based on my own MSWinVistaUltimateSP1RTM. This two right sided MSWinVistaUltimateSP1RTM pictures all here, are representing following date~time indexes: a ) 31.03.2009. 17:55PM * b ) 01.04.2009. 17:10PM * After all this, please conclude the all left and the all right picture sides date~time indexes vs. the amount of memory usage via all presented and marked "sidebar.exe" processes all here. My founding's, during last six months conclude that the amount of three "sidebar.exe" processes via MSWinXPProSP2RTM & MSWinXPProSP3RTM goes like the chain reaction fully up, no matter what you do actually, as presented in all this pictures all here... In fact, it will only reset, when you Shut Down or restart your PC, and than the same story all over again… I did not test at all, all this, on MSWinSrv2003, but, like I said, it is happening over different PCs with all different MSWinXPSP2RTM or MSWinXPSP3RTM, but they are all freshly installed RTM and original MSWinOS installations, and not modified in any way or condition, except, as already mentioned, it is added the new Windows Theme for Vista look, an installation of "Alky for Applications 1.1" and this "Vista Sidebar" all here, respectfully from "Ricktendo64". Of course, as normal, before those last two just mentioned installations all here, the standard "Windows Update" Service was performed to the most Up-to-date… The all PCs was off-line during this particular tests performed in last six months, but in one of this testing's of mine, I also let one PC to be fully on-line all night long, and in the morning, all the same great memory usage are developing all here and again, no matter what you do… On the all right side part of this whole picture is a date~time index representation pattern based on my MSWinVistaUltimateSP1RTM. You can exactly see how the amount of memory consumption for all here, just one "sidebar.exe" process is going on, from one day to another… I am not a programmer, not a critic person all here, I really admire this project by "Ricktendo64", but someone who knows, really needs to go into this great memory consumption problem… It is also not important which Gadgets or how much Gadgets is engaged actually all here, the memory consumption will slowly but most surely increasing without possibility to stop it, no mater what. Consider this scenario, you have your MSWinXPProSP3RTM based PC engaged for 4-5 days, how this problem will infect your RAM, since this memory consumption is unstoppable?! Furthermore, you have your MSWinSrv2003, and you have it engaged for one month now…?! The Windows Sidebar all here will not lower ever the amount of grabbed memory consumption in my testing's in last six months. He will maybe take it slow on consumption from time to time, and than, back again, in some other time, take it really quick on memory consumption, but one thing is certain, he will not stop, as long you will not shut down or restart your Computer, and than this entire story will begin again from the start… And last note here, yes, it is normal to have three "sidebar.exe" process instances and not just one all here, but the problem with memory increasing consumption is not so OK, and it is completely other story all here, so be aware of this potential issue all here… Finally, if I know how to repair this, if I know some expert to recommended online to all here for help, I will do that to help this project goes on as it is really and honestly my big wish, that this project be really finish and superb, but I can't, and I can only say how much time and effort I really spend in all this of my testing's in last half year, to be absolutely sure what I am writing here… An again, I repeat, that we talking about 8 different test PC machines and one ACER Gemstone Blue laptop, based on my original MSWinVistaUltimateSP1RTM. And those 8 PCs were based on different, but original ones, and not in any way modified MSWinXPProSP3RTM OSs, and just one of them was based on older MSWinXPProSP2RTM OS, and all of them have this Memory consumption problem issue via three "sidebar.exe" processes, as showed on the big picture, and without any exceptions whatsoever!!! "Ricktendo64", my apologize in advanced! Like I said, I really admire this work all here, and Alky's also!!! But, maybe it is time that you consider some programmer consultation for this, because this is not just a random error of mine all here, or some error of mine in my analysis. Maybe it is not your problem, but you modified and creating all this, you cannot simply say it is a minor or even minority problem, I mean, despite this, I never had any other problem(s) with working of yours great Windows Sidebar, whatsoever, and the "MSN Weather" Gadget do now work on my pictures, just because I was off-line... I am an IT expert with 20 years of workmanship on IT Security field; this is not here my glitch or accidentally error reviled… I really done my homework on study all here, and I was having all those 8 (+ one laptop) extra PCs to test all this, but I did not have all this hours in one piece, so I need few months to be sure and not just bubble mistakenly all here unsecured… Wish you really luck and nothing but the best to perfect this great works of yours and what you do actually for all the community!!! Best regards! Admins and / or Moderators here will maybe decide to remove this picture from here, since it is really to big... My apologize to them in advanced if that will be issue all here... The optional download can be performed over: http://www.filefactory.com/file/af89c9e/n/...sue_04_2009_jpg or http://www.MegaShare.com/712883 Best regards to all from Bruno!
  4. And here are the results for today - I left all test PCs all night long fully engaged and on-line: 1. I even put last night the 3rd test PC in action all here, with the whole 16 Gadgets on MSWinVistaSP1 x86 (integrated / slipstreamed) + fully up- to-date over Windows Update Service, and after 11h passes by, I got today this scenario picture here: a) First sidebar.exe shows amount of mem. usage in Task manager: 19.332K (very stable number) Second sidebar.exe shows amount of mem. usage in Task manager: 2.644K (very stable number) c) Third sidebar.exe shows amount of mem. usage in Task manager: 2.131K (very stable number) 2. But, on MSWinXPSP3 x86 (integrated / slipstreamed) + fully up-to-date over Windows Update Service, and that has all the 16 Gadgets engaged thru last night, I have this scenario today: a) First sidebar.exe shows amount of mem. usage in Task manager: 520.712K (and keep rising) !!! Second sidebar.exe shows amount of mem. usage in Task manager: 104.744K (and keep rising) !!! c) Third sidebar.exe shows amount of mem. usage in Task manager: 17.020K (and keep rising) 3. At last, on a PC with MSWinXPSP2 x86 (integrated / slipstreamed) + fully up-to-date over Windows Update Service (but not the MSWinXPSP3 Update), and that has only 6 Gadgets engaged thru last night and not the bunch of 16, I have this scenario today: a) First sidebar.exe shows amount of mem. usage in Task manager: 129.712K (and keep rising) !!! Second sidebar.exe shows amount of mem. usage in Task manager: 73.744K (and keep rising) !!! c) Third sidebar.exe shows amount of mem. usage in Task manager: 11.020K (and keep rising) Conclusion: On the third and totally new test PC here, with the "real" MSWinVistaSP1, the amount of mem. usage for bunch of all the 16 engaged Gadgets stays all night long on some stable number of mem. usage for all 3 sidebar.exe process with maximum peak on about 25MB of mem. usage of the highest sidebar.exe process. On previous two test PCs here, that has MSWinXPSP2/3, the amount of mem. usage keep, and keep exponentially rising, no mater if I put 6 or 16 Gadgets - it does NOT mater, it always rising without stopping or staying too long on some stable mem. usage number! The only relevant difference here is that number of just the 6 engaged Gadgets here, will need much longer time to rise to 500MB of mem. usage amount for sidebar.exe process in Task Manager, than the scenario when you use a bunch of 16 engaged Gadgets here, and this is all...
  5. RE: @ Bruno H how many gadgets you got open? I already described all fully detailed scenarios on both of my test PCs, that are just (re)built for this Vista Sidebar testings... It is not a problem for me to write again all that at all, but, I already wrote all this in my very first and huge post, so, if you will be kind enough to read it. It is a quite huge and boring text, I know, but in there I described everything in very specific detailed and step-by-step order, how I got this huge amount of mem. usage in the first place, so you can repeat the test on your own if you might need it. Right now, they are only 6 of the Gadgets engaged only on the first Sidebar view. But, in the first try, and just for this testing purposes only, I put Gadgets on all 3 Sidebar views, and they was 16 totally engaged, all in the same time (even more you can carry out to fulfill the all 3 Sidebar views in fully / max.)!!! I repeat, now they are only 6 of them, just on the very first Sidebar view... It is also important that all the gadgets that I use in both scenarios, and in both test PCs, was only those available by default in the Sidebar Gallery and no other Gadgets from the Net, for e.g., was not added at all!!! I specifically named all those engaged Gadgets (specifically by exact Gadget name, which one was engaged before, and which are actually engaged right now), and how all that Gadgets was rearrange on all 3 Sidebar views in my very first, huge and detailed post here, so I think again, that it is important to read it fully to understand all the problem that I mentioned here. I am an IT Security expert for more than 12 years, working with the PCs about 20 years in generally. I have a huge business opportunity to test wast amount of numerous Software on more than 50-80 different test PCs, so, for just this Vista Sidebar purpose, I use just the two test PCs only, and I can put them on that stage for a few more days if needed here, or I can also help / contribute / improve... :-) Thank you once more for help and all the effort; Best regards!
  6. RE: Bruno.H. more than one sidebar.exe process in taskmgr is normal, even happens on Vista Yes, affirmative, but is it normal that amount of mem. usage for just one sidebar.exe process in Task manager always explicitly rise, no mater what, use, after some 24h, even more than 350MB of mem. usage for just one sidebar.exe process, and there are even more and another two sidebar.exe process, that use another 30-50MB?! So, you see the point, the amount of memory that use just one of the sidebar.exe process in task manager do not stay stable on some number (or in some normal amount of mem. usage), it rise all the way up without any real and permanently stopping... I wonder, what will happen if I left my PC engaged for a few days - the amount of mem. usage for just one sidebar.exe will be..., I do not know, the 2000MB or similar number...?! That's worries me actually, and that is my major question here is that normal scenario...? An again, thank you for your Reply!
  7. I am here for the very first time and I do not need even to tell you, how I am delighted that someone who really knows the job, doings something so great and desperately needed to wast majority of still Win XP or Win Srv 2K3 users... ~ Thank You!!! Finally someone who really knows the job about all this quite specific project, doing so great... ~ Congratulations!!! ---- And now the problem: I install everything as you instructed on 2 different test (clean install) PCs. First PC has MSWinXPSP2 x86 (integrated / slipstreamed) + fully up-to-date over Windows Update Service (but not the MSWinXPSP3 Update) Second PC has MSWinXPSP3 x86 (integrated / slipstreamed) + fully up-to-date over Windows Update Service So, this both test PCs already has IE7, WMP11, all MS .NET Frameworks till v3.5 + all the Updates, fixes, etc. I also install MS Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package x86, Wireless LAN API (KB918997). Than Alky for Applications v1.1, and than the Windows Sidebar v6.0.6001.18000. During all this, I use a good old school, to do a PC restart after every of this successful installations, and than continue with other installation process as follows. All this went quite quickly, easily, with no problems. Eset Smart Security (ESS) did not inform me about any false Malware, well, his integrated bidirectional and professional Firewall ask me do I want to allow Inbound / Outbound Net traffic for the Sidebar, and this is completely OK, of course... The only Gadget that it is not working is the Weather gadget, but, instead of that Gadget which has sometimes has even problem with working on legitimate Vista SP1 OS systems, I use MSN Weather Gadget instead, which working great and instantly with no problems at all. My "Text Services and Input Languages" shows my "Default input language": Croatian, and all the "Installed Services" on both of mine test PCs, are the Croatian and the second is English (United States) - US. So what is my most primarily problem after all that I am written here...? Well, I have one question. I noticed this intriguing scenario on both of my mentioned test PCs. I left both PCs engaged during 24h period, doing nothing on that PCs, but I earlier than this added even more Gadgets (just for this test purposes only), but only a default one from the Gadgets Gallery, so' no additionally and On-line Gadgets I did not use at all!!! The Gadgets that I use are: a) First Sidebar window: Clock, CPU Meter, Slide Show, MSN Weather, Calendar and the Recycle Bin. Second Sidebar window: JoeJoe.org, Feed Headlines, Stocks, Currency, Vista Calculator, Notes, Network Utilization, DriveInfo. c) Third Sidebar window: BBC Radio, Media Player, Windows Live Messenger. After that (24h passes by...), in Windows Task Manager, the "sidebar.exe" processes (they are actually 2 or even 3 of them ~ depend how much Gadgets you input over the Sidebar...), rises the amount of memory usage in a sure way to higher level, decreasing it never until PC restart. So', for example here: a) First "sidebar.exe" is the most problematic, after few hours, or 24h, he can even use the amount of mem. usage from 100MB to even 350MB! Second "sidebar.exe" shows the highest amount of mem. usage somewhere about 50MB. c) Third "sidebar.exe" shows the highest amount of mem. usage somewhere about 30MB. I repeat, the gadgets that I use, are the default one that comes instantly in the Gadget Gallery, so' no additionally and On-line Gadgets I did not use at all!!! Than I try, just to disengaged all the Sidebar activated Gadgets, except the: Clock, CPU Meter, Slide Show, MSN Weather, Calendar and the Recycle Bin, and after that I have this bellow scenario, just after 1h of using this Sidebar, and not working at all on both of that PCs: a) First "sidebar.exe" shows the highest amount of mem. usage somewhere about 24MB + still explicit rise with no stopping at all on some stable number to much time along... Second "sidebar.exe" shows the highest amount of mem. usage somewhere about 22MB. + stable mem. usage on the more-or-less equal number... c) Third "sidebar.exe" are not existed any more, and this is OK. You can figured now, that my question is, is all that normal? I repeat that first "sidebar.exe" do not stopping, and the amount of mem. usage is strictly and explicit go higher and higher, no mater what. So', if after 24h of PC working, the amount of mem. usage can rise all the way of even the 350MB for the first "sidebar.exe", how much will be after 2-3-5 days of PC working still on...? ----------------- ~ An again, thank you really and in advanced for any available information for this possible problem that you can provide up here! I really appreciate, not only the help for my problem here and now, but as I said even before, the effort, work and time that you invest in all this great and terrific project in generally! Just keep'n'goin' with the best regards from me!
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