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  1. Thank you SO MUCH @Jan Krohn! I managed to get the iso file thank to you!
  2. Thank you Jan for your help. Unfortunately, deactivating TLS doesn't work and I get a error "please check your connection blablabla" So it would be awesome if you could provide a working link for "Windows 7 Professional SP 1 64 bits" and in case you need to select a language French would be perfect.
  3. Hi Tomcat, we could do a team, "Team Vista" ahah. In fact I don't know the update statut of this computer because it's the one use my parents and we never really take care of this one since they use it only twice or less a week.... And yes I saw the system requirements but since the app manages to launch successfully I was wondering if it was a workaround to do the full process. Does any other verified iso ressources exist? I heard about a web version but not sure if it trusty ressource.
  4. Hi everyone! I was looking for a way to download the Windows 7 pro SP1 and found this fantastic software since I've a valid license I had when I was student but both the Microsoft website and the customer service wants to give me link for a ISO file... I'm currently running on Vista on a old PC and would like to update it to seven. However when I use the software on Vista I mange to launch it but as soon as I click on the button "windows 7" or any other Windows version. Nothing happen and I have a blank page... Is it a known issue? Is it possible to do a workaround to avoid this bug? Thanks
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