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  1. Thanks a lot Thiersee. With your help, I'm now on Windows 7.
  2. haha. Thanks a lot for all your help bud. Will give that a go now.
  3. Oh ok. The only reason I didn't select that 'bootable' box is that others who did, had other issues where it wouldn't boot. In that forum, they were instructed to burn it without that selected- so I tried doing the same! I'm having issues with my computer burning (hence used someone elses), so can I make a USB bootable then? I've seen that option in the Bios. Sorry for the dumb questions- never done any of this before.
  4. 1) I used software on another computer (Can't think of the name right now and will have to wait to get access to that computer to check the name again). I selected data and I didn't select the box for 'bootable' on the software before I burned it, as I googled the software about creating iso bootable DVDs and someone that selected that box, couldn't load the iso file. 2) I have changed the boot sequence in BIOS to DVD drive and then Hard drive. When I restart, the DVD spins, the screen goes black and it looks like it's starting to work and then it stops and the windows Vista logo appears and it loads Vista.
  5. Sorry to add more, but I just thought of one other thing that may be the issue? I believe this version that is currently running on the hard drive is Vista 32 bit and I'm trying to install Windows 7 Pro 64 bit (I used to have Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit working on this same machine before the hard drive died- am trying to get this version on the new hard drive). Could that be the reason why during boot up sequence, this iso file in the DVD drive is being ignored? (32 bit Vista vs 64 Bit Windows 7?) If so, can I plug this drive (via a USB cable) into another Windows computer and just delete all files of the drive? (I don't have any personal files to worry about on this drive as it's only a few days old) Thanks so much for your help. I'm a little lost with all this!
  6. Just to add, I did notice with the boot sequence allocation when I moved DVD to the top (first boot drive), DVD was then at the top, then USB, something else and then Hard drive (HD). Does the HD need to be second? Could that be the issue or is that irrelevant?
  7. Thanks Mooms. I did try that in the BIOS, save it and when it restarted, it tried the DVD, then ignored it and proceeded to load Vista as per normal. I also have read up and checked that the DVD I burnt recently is bootable using MobaLiveCD. According to that, the DVD is bootable. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. Jan can I please ask you a question.. I've downloaded and burnt the iso file to a DVD, but when I try and set boot up to DVD, it reads the file and just ignores it and continues to boot up Windows Vista. Do I need to delete Windows Vista (the hard drive contents) and then try and boot from DVD for Windows 7 to start to set up? Additionally, if I need to delete the current contents of this hard drive (where Windows Vista is), is it a simple case of plugging this hard drive into another computer and then selecting Delete? Sorry for the 'noob' questions- first time doing this. Thank you.
  9. That's awesome. Thank you so much Jan, you're a legend! Only having the one machine, if you didn't help me out with that link, I would have been stuck. Really appreciate your help. I downloaded the file.
  10. Oh, I forgot to add, could I please have "Windows 7 Professional SP 1 64 bit" version in English? Thanks again.
  11. Hi Jan, I'm having similar issues. I'd also like to take you up on the offer for a download link please. I'm after Windows 7 Professional- English. Thanks so much for helping us out so quickly.
  12. After doing more reading, I think we won't be able to use this tool with Vista?
  13. By the way, is your Vista computer fully updated with Windows updates?
  14. Hi ISOHunter, How timely! I've also just discovered this awesome resource, however, got exactly the same issue as you. I've installed Vista Service Pack 2, upgraded Internet Explorer to Version 9 and .NET 4. I've got the same blank screen you describe without any options to select from Windows 7. So, you're not alone. If I figure out something that works, I'll let you know.
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