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  1. Hello Master Krohn! I've never written you before, so I feel I should try and make it a regular thing. Like every 10 years (or so). It's not going to be long winded (like my Father's sermons for 38 years, sheesh!!), just a simple "Thank You!". You've helped hundreds of folks, that know me, get computers that they normally couldn't afford to buy. I've never, not even once, taken payment for the desktops and laptops that I've either: bought to rebuild or built from scratch. I don't do it for the money, just like you! So I guess I should thank you for the very first PC "refresh" OS I received. Because of you, men in recovery from addiction can: communicate (civilly) with their long lost family, rekindle old (healthy) friendships, find employment that suits their needs,  and just plain old own a computer! Amazing work you've done, and it all started with a simple link to a commodity that shouldn't be that difficult to acquire. Or cost so much..... ;)

    THANK YOU!!!


    born on Heidoc circa: Summer 2008

    XPSP3 ;)

    (oops! that got long winded...)

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