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  1. Please wait for me to get the 64-bit patches ready. Busy now.
  2. Patch test for 32-bit Windows 7 ISOs This is not the tutorial about how to apply the patch, this is very basic. 1. Download xdeltaUI here and extract the archive. 2. Select the patch you have just downloaded and the generic ISO as source file. 3. Select output file, press "Patch" and wait until it finishes patching. Note: This is a test and there is no promise that it will work. Please verify the hashes after patching finishes. Hashes of original ISOs are here. Please report any problems to me and I will try my best to fix it up. Do NOT tell me that the generic ISO doesn't work. Once I get all the patches created, I will start a new topic with proper instructions. Source file: Please PM me for the generic ISO (source file). Patches: Win7_HomeBasic_SP1_English_COEM_x32.xdelta Win7_HomeBasic_SP1_English_x32.xdelta Win7_HomePrem_SP1_English_COEM_x32.xdelta Win7_HomePrem_SP1_English_x32.xdelta Win7_Pro_SP1_English_COEM_x32.xdelta Win7_Pro_SP1_English_x32.xdelta Win7_Starter_SP1_English_COEM_x32.xdelta Win7_Ult_SP1_English_COEM_x32.xdelta Win7_Ult_SP1_English_x32.xdelta
  3. Sorry for another post but I have a few more updates. When the patches are ready, you still have to PM me for the generic ISO. You cannot use the generic ISO (it has no files on it except for a readme) and you can't use it to install Windows 7. The patches (xdelta) can ONLY be applied to that special generic ISO. There will be 4 generic ISOs (normal and N for both 32 and 64-bits). Please don't ask me how to patch the ISO, I will provide a tutorial when the official patches come out. Please verify the hashes after patching and report any mismatch to me (hashes will be provided with the patches). Please don't pirate Windows, I beg you. I will be charging 50 cents for every download (just kidding).
  4. This is indeed working, each patch is only ~10 KB. I will have all 32-bit ISOs (no N) patched tomorrow and put them here for testings. If everything works fine, I will patch everything (including N and 64-bit ones) and make a separate topic. If this is working, then I will no longer accept Windows 7 ISO requests (you can still request for other ISOs and EXEs).
  5. I know but people doesn't know that all those SKUs are all included in the WIM image. I can't just upload one SKU and tell them to patch the ISO to unlock other SKUs.
  6. What did I say? Send me PMs and don't be too greedy. Are you sure you want all those and you are actually going to use them? I have 15 ISOs to upload now and I have only about 3GB online storage left (that is the space for 1 ISO). Also, you didn't provide enough information (eg: COEM? N?). I have to sleep, work and seriously, ask for only what you need. I don't have the resource, time and effort to upload for everybody everything they want and I will be uploading files on a first-come first-served basis from now on. Everyone is going to get what they want but sorry, you have to line up. I can upload about an ISO a day so... I am thinking of uploading a generic AIO ISO and patches for every SKU. Those patches should be less than 1MB and they can be applied to the generic ISO to produce the ISO/ISOs desired.
  7. @thebanditYou don't understand how it works. When you press the button, it sends a request to the server and if the request is not applicable of generating a link, then it will return you the error. @Mikhail Greben, I am flooded with requests now and can you please send me a PM with the exact ISO/ISOs you want so at least I can remember your name. @temailxd, I don't have Greek versions so yeah can't help you much, sorry. @Upset_Guy, you can always ask me for a link. I am flooded with requests now and if you want it, can you please send me a PM with the exact ISO/ISOs you want so at least I can remember your name. People, if you want ISOs from me from now on, please send me a list of file/files from here: Win7_HomeBasic_SP1_English_COEM_x32.iso Win7_HomeBasic_SP1_English_COEM_x64.iso Win7_HomeBasic_SP1_English_x32.iso Win7_HomePrem_N_SP1_English_COEM_x32.iso Win7_HomePrem_N_SP1_English_COEM_x64.iso Win7_HomePrem_N_SP1_English_x32.iso Win7_HomePrem_N_SP1_English_x64.iso Win7_HomePrem_SP1_English_COEM_x32.iso Win7_HomePrem_SP1_English_COEM_x64.iso Win7_HomePrem_SP1_English_x32.iso Win7_HomePrem_SP1_English_x64.iso Win7_Pro_N_SP1_English_COEM_x32.iso Win7_Pro_N_SP1_English_COEM_x64.iso Win7_Pro_N_SP1_English_x32.iso Win7_Pro_N_SP1_English_x64.iso Win7_Pro_SP1_English_COEM_x32.iso Win7_Pro_SP1_English_COEM_x64.iso Win7_Pro_SP1_English_x32.iso Win7_Pro_SP1_English_x64.iso Win7_Starter_SP1_English_COEM_x32.iso Win7_Ult_N_SP1_English_COEM_x32.iso Win7_Ult_N_SP1_English_COEM_x64.iso Win7_Ult_N_SP1_English_x32.iso Win7_Ult_N_SP1_English_x64.iso Win7_Ult_SP1_English_COEM_x32.iso Win7_Ult_SP1_English_COEM_x64.iso Win7_Ult_SP1_English_x32.iso Win7_Ult_SP1_English_x64.iso Office_HS_2007_English_x32.exe Office_Pro_2007_English_x32.exe Office_SB_2007_English_x32.exe Office_Pro_2007_English_x32_FPP.exe Excel_2010_TechG_English_x32.exe Excel_2010_TechG_English_x64.exe Office_2010_ProPlusAc_SP1_English_x32.exe Office_2010_ProPlusAc_SP1_English_x32.exe Office_2010_ProPlusAc_SP1_English_x64.exe Office_HB_2010_English_x32.exe Office_HB_2010_English_x64.exe Office_HB_2010_TechG_English_x32.exe Office_HB_2010_TechG_English_x64.exe Office_HS_2010_English_x32.exe Office_HS_2010_English_x64.exe Office_HS_2010_TechG_English_x32.exe Office_HS_2010_TechG_English_x64.exe Office_Personal_2010_Japanese_x32.exe Office_Personal_2010_Japanese_x64.exe Office_Pro_2010_English_x32.exe Office_Pro_2010_English_x64.exe Office_Pro_2010_TechG_English_x32.exe Office_Pro_2010_TechG_English_x64.exe OneNote_2010_TechG_English_x32.exe OneNote_2010_TechG_English_x64.exe Outlook_2010_TechG_English_x32.exe Outlook_2010_TechG_English_x64.exe Project_2010_TechG_English_x32.exe Project_2010_TechG_English_x64.exe Project_Pro_2010_English_x32.exe Project_Pro_2010_English_x64.exe Project_Pro_2010_TechG_English_x32.exe Project_Pro_2010_TechG_English_x64.exe Visio_Premium_2010_English_x32.exe Visio_Premium_2010_English_x64.exe Visio_Pro_2010_English_x32.exe Visio_Pro_2010_English_x64.exe Visio_Pro_2010_TechG_English_x32.exe Visio_Pro_2010_TechG_English_x64.exe Visio_Standard_2010_English_x32.exe Visio_Standard_2010_English_x64.exe Visio_Standard_2010_TechG_English_x32.exe Visio_Standard_2010_TechG_English_x64.exe and hope for the best. I will eventually upload it but there is no promise that you will get a link within 24 hours. If you don't give me enough information about the product you want, I will ignore the request. One last word, don't be too greedy and send me a message saying I want everything, ask for only what you need. When I have the time and resources, I will upload everything but definitely not now. Here is the most requested ISO of all times, Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit. I am not sure if this is allowed so I didn't include the decryption key. PM me for that. @Jan Krohn, If I have broken any forum rules by posting the link, feel free to remove it.
  8. Tell me the SKU/edition you want and I might be able to upload the ISO for you. P.S: Given that you want English ISOs.
  9. Nice, the Chinese and 64-bit Turkish one doesn't seem to work though. They must be the links Microsoft forgot to take down. I used to have a full list of those and non of them work anymore.
  10. What? You want Professional x64 Edition or 64-Bit Edition? Please PM me the details (which service pack, the architecture). Please note there are 2 64-bit SKUs of Windows XP, one is IA64 and one is AMD64.
  11. From me... Tell me the edition and version.
  12. EOL means End Of Life. That is when a a company is no longer providing regular updates for that specific product to consumers. Pretty much all Windows 7 ISOs are under 5 gigabytes and you should be able to fit an ISO onto regular DVDs.
  13. Obviously no. Microsoft will never make any newer ISOs because they want Windows 7 to die as soon as possible and EOL is coming soon.
  14. Because Windows 1.0 is so good! Only $99! Only need 256 KB of RAM! Windows 10 (not 1.0) is just as good as the first version of Windows. What are you waiting for? (This post written on Microsoft Windows 10 using Google Chrome.) Do you want English ISOs? I don't have Spanish ISOs but I've seen a lot of them on the net, maybe you can search for them instead of waiting for people to upload them for you. Also you should try Windows 10, it can be activated using your Windows 7 key.
  15. @Clap20182810, could you please explain to me in what way did I offend you to make you say what you said above so I can correct my mistakes as soon as possible. I apologise for any offence caused. Thanks.
  16. Windows 10 is not bad but most people still choose Windows 7 just like Windows XP a few years ago. I still like Windows XP a lot although it is quite outdated now. I wouldn't download an image made for another model but I don't think there will be any (major) problems with it.
  17. No problems, I am glad that the problem has been fixed.
  18. Are you downloading this: https://officecdn.microsoft.com/db/492350F6-3A01-4F97-B9C0-C7C6DDF67D60/media/nl-NL/AccessRetail.img
  19. Not the problem with the ISO Downloader. Check your internet connection and if still not working, try a download manager like IDM.
  20. If you read every post carefully, you should be able to figure out the answer yourself. When a product is no longer supported, Microsoft will stop distributing it to the public (consumers) and that is why links can no longer be generated. While the product is still being supported, users with a genuine product key can download it online as a part of the software recovery program (remember Windows 7 Office 2007 and Office 2010 were distributed on CD-ROMs as well). The purpose of the ISO Downloader is to buy and collect genuine product keys for people who lost their physical media, who just want to try the software and needless to say, people who wanted to pirate the software. Even when Windows 7, Office 2007 and 2010 are completely unsupported, I still have pretty much all English versions of those so it wouldn't be a problem to ask me and I will be more than happy to provide you a link. People, remember I have DOS, Windows 1.04, 3.1, 95, 98, ME, NT 3.51, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012, Office 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 and 2010 downloads as well. Most of them can be found online but I can upload them if anyone wants them.
  21. You can always ask me for the (English) ISO files you want. At night for you doesn't mean it is at night for other people.
  22. What a meaningful post, I have no idea if you need help or just want to drop the message. Also, the subject is meaningful as well, too meaningful for me to understand. I can only guess that you want to say that the Windows ISO Downloader is a very useful app and I will assume that you need no help. If I misunderstood you, please correct me.
  23. My links? They are earlier versions (maybe without service packs) if I recall correctly. No idea what you are talking about but please read other posts before asking. I am sure forum members have already asked this multiple times and I don't want to explain the differences between "normal" and "2018" versions again. Here are links that might help you:
  24. Of course I am talking about Home and Pro, which most consumers (should) use. I see no benefit with using 1703 and no downside with 1903 but if you want to install 1703, that is your choice and go ahead. It is a downgrade so always good to backup important data.
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