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  1. hi, i tried again with the new version but no luck with Nlite, then i tried with RVM in this case most of the addons has installed but WMP11, Ricks sidebar gadgets, onepiece IE7 and couple of addons didnot work. i don`t know still which part i`m doing wrongly integration. pls check whether any steps are wrong or not, 1. integrate SP3 2. hotfixes, addons and also< that PatchAddon_SYSSETUP_InfSkip_v14.7z> with RVM 3. unattendent, tweaks, remove, add services and so on. 4. patch with XptSP GUI latest version.15a 5. add drivers with driverspack. 6. WPI 7. VMware testing. before this XPtSp, i used to use ricks ViSO but i didn`t have this kindda situation. but i love to use this patch as this looks way better**IMAGES** then ViSO. thanks a lot for all of ur cooperation. :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: Shafaet
  2. hi, i kept the default options in GUI mode, please see attached , but i couldn't find any SYSSETEP patch in ur given link, lots of patches overther, could u pls specified more. like full name. thanks i haven't tried yet. i'll let u guys know abt the status. really thx a lot for your helps. shafaet :thumbsup_anim:
  3. hi bober, i just patched this tools to my new unattendent cd, but wondering no addon has successfully installed i usually integrate couple of my favo themes, kels CPL bonus, boogy wmp11, onepience IE7, and ricks sidebar , gadget and hell lot of addons. ( prio,blue taskbar, glasstoast, screensavers, ccleaners and so on) my steps are: ( using Nlite) 1) integarte sp3 2) integrate all the addons 3) remove, tweaks, and so one 4) XPtp by using gui mode to locate i386 folder 5) adding driverpacks 6) WPI 7) ISO 8) VMware for testing but i found only thems and couple of addon has just intstalled, no ricks sidebar gadged has installed, WMP11, IE7, kels CPLbonus found after insatllation of xp. :confused02: am i doinf anything wrong? :confused02: :confused02: please help me to figure out this, i want to integrate all the existing addons in my new fresh XPSP3 cd. :sweatingbullets: :sweatingbullets: thanks Shafaet
  4. MAN, this is awesome, lots of cool pictures. does it work in English XP version SP2. love to have it.
  5. could you pls tell me how it works. i just downloaded 1003.res file but where should i copy this?? really appreciate your work
  6. Thanx a lot rick, i thing u can make it as a final version instead of beta, i have tested several times and it works flawlessly. thanks again for your great work.
  7. thanks a lot rick, i played with reshack, and able to change those bitmaps 167. but is there any way i can make this as an addon so, i don't have to do the resh hack stuff every time i install windows xp. thanks for your help. shafaet
  8. hi all, could you please tell me how to change the text (bitmap) from the start button left panel. Instead of having "windows xp professional" i would like to have my text/ bitmap. is there any addon for this? would be appreciable for any help. Shafaet...
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