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  1. Kel, I did get the current Midnight v1.8, so no need to post it here. Thanks for the offer though! I also checked out wolfX2's site pretty nice guy it looks like. If I load both the your fav's and the Midnight am I just going to get double the entries? I have not tested it out in a VMware instance yet, so just asking. I will probably test it out after I finish up building a friends pc with the new image I am throwing together, but not till next week. Thanks for all the cool stuff you have built over the years, my tastes appear to run heavily down the same direction, since I am using so much more of your stuff than others. Hope you are having a great week, talk to you later! -mtw.
  2. Kel, I was just wondering is there a reason you just dropped the really awesome wallpaper by WolfX2 out of the Midnight style, or is my slipstream just messing up? Or do you have a wallpaper pack you recomend? Thanks again for all these awesome styles!!! -mtw.
  3. Thanks for updating the md5 stuff, I know that you don't always get praised for keeping this stuff updated but I very much appreciate it!!!! Have a great weekend! -mtw.
  4. Kel, I have downloaded these files with firefox on XP and wget on a linux desktop. I am getting totally different MD5sum's than what is listed on the forum for part1 and part3, but the same md5sum values on linux and XP after download. Can someone verify they need new md5sums defined. This is what I get... Kels_Visual_Styles_addon_part1.1.CAB EFA0D058DAC7CFCCDDCC03C1B5DA09CD Kels_Visual_Styles_addon_part3.1.CAB 34B7E9F5AC99FA061389B0472D9D48CB part2 comes out correct... Kels_Visual_Styles_addon_part2.1.CAB D9DDD0B3E24422A44D822205A7391C0D If it is just my connection let me know, I have done this about 4 times a file.... Thanks, -mtw.
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