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  1. UPDATE. I used CMD prompt (as administrator) To delete the previous office 2016 ID key I moved with a cd command to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office16 and i run the command cscript ospp.vbs /dstatus I got the id (the second line. Not product id) I run the command slmgr.vbs /upk id (replace it with your id) And after this finally I saw the Office 2019.
  2. I downloaded office 2019 pro plus I downloaded office 2019 home and business. Same thing. I must say that I had previously installed office 2016 pro plus trial (180 days) that I uninstalled it completely with Revo uninstaller. Thiersee, in folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office or the folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office do you see Office16 Or Office17? or any other name?
  3. I installed office 2019 with your tool windows ISO downloader but It saw office 2016 ! I uninstalled it completely with the help of Revo uninstaller and I downloaded from one of the links above but same thing. I SAW AGAIN OFFICE 2016. I don't care for the reason. I want to see the number 2019. Can you tell me why? Is not the final version for markets? I uninstalled it.
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