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  1. Hello Snwoball, The Key is for Office 2019 Pro Plus. Yes, i have uninstalled Office like you postet above. I only have Open Office installed but thats not the Problem i think.
  2. Hello SnowBall, thank you for the File. I put it in te Folder you descibe above and startet it as a Admin, then Windows come up who said that is not passing a smart screen test beause its an unknown File. Then i have klick i want it to install and this Window come up: I have checked that my Internet is working and i have enough Space. When i klick on the Link " Go online for additional Help " i come to this Site. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/fix-errors-that-occur-when-you-start-an-office-installation-1632d2c8-7a5a-46cd-81fa-0b1b8c7df250?NS=OCSAC2RBOOTSTRAPPER&Version=16&SysLcid=1033&UiLcid=1033&AppVer=CBO160&HelpId=%2230088-1021-0%22&ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US What to to do now?
  3. Ah, i think i have the Problem. I only klicked the setup.exe and not more. But how i give this code in? setup.exe /configure configuration-Office2019Enterprise.xml
  4. Link doesent work. Hello SnowBall, thank you very much for helping me and my incontinence, Have found it and downloadet it ( Link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=49117 ). When you open it there it asks you to select a Folder to unzip. I made a Folder on the Desktop called "Office" and extracted in there. I open the "configuration-Office2019Enterprise.xml" with the editor and paste what you have postet above.(Have changed Bit to 64) Now it looks so: I klick the setup.exe , there comes a windows up and very quick closes again. And not more happens.... What i doing wrong please?
  5. Ok, now i am a step forward. Now i come to a Point when i come not through. Now it shows this: ( Volume Activation Service ) Then i go to "weiter "= next Then this Window opens: ( There i must choose the Volume Activation Method ). Keymanagement Service is Preconfigured. When i klick on "durchsuchen" ( search Computer ) it opens this Window: But then i dont there what to do. i search for a File but which File must i choose? Thank you for Help!
  6. Hello SnowBall, i have Windows 10 Home 1803 64Bit ( PC Info Shows this ) I have bought the Key in a official Game Store. Can you please say how will be the next Steps please? The Window ( cscript.exe ) is open like in the Picture above and i dont know which from the second Picture to download ( Remote Server Admin Tools )
  7. Hello SnowBall, thank you for you help. I have downloadet the Programm from your Link above ( Volume License Pack ) and run it. There opens a Window now who looks like this: I startet it and then comes a Message that i must download Remote Server Admin Tools ( Hope i translatet it right ) Then i come to the Site where i can download a few Files but i dont know which and what do do with them now: Can you please help me out what to do now? I let the first Window open ( cscript.exe ), or can i close? Thanks in Advance
  8. Hello and thank you for the Forum, i am new and a really nooby. I have bought a Office 2019 License Key and have Download from the Link above. When i type in the Serial there comes an Error Message: (Translatet from Germany to English, becaus my english is not so good) "This Product Key is for a Volume License and can not be installed. If you want to use this Key please call an Administator." I dont no what to do know, i need office really strong for Study. Thanks for Help!
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