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  1. No problem man.The main thing is that everything has been solved.Thanks also for help.
  2. Okey is working! Thanks man, the problem was probably to install internet explorer 11
  3. I will do everything as you say I have not modified this file so it's ok I have adblock in chrome, I do not use internet explorer = Do I have to delete it? Windows firewall doing something? I turned it on. I tried and it did not work windows current, .NET also current, internet exlorer now updated to version 11
  4. After selecting a software version, everything grays out and freezes. what can I do to not have it??? Nowhere about it, and I have no problem with the internet, no mistake is displayed. When I click on "windows 10" a gray screen is displayed, and as if every 5 seconds it was refreshed on the gray screen
  5. When I click on windows 10, nothing happens, just like the white screen in the picture. there are no links.. the version has already been updated 8.08
  6. @SnowBall Okay, God... Calm down man.. It was enough to respond normally... thanks! subject to be closed!
  7. @SnowBall My question was why the windows iso downloader does not work, because it has already passed March 21, it is already 24 and still does not work, and only because I asked such a question, I know that the break was supposed to last 1 day, and it lasts for 3-4 days... I just asked very nicely, and you are attacking me... The application still does not work ... does anyone know when it will work?
  8. @SnowBall i have a clock, passed already on March 21 and what next?
  9. Why does not it generate further links? Until when is the break? I request information! - Thanks
  10. Hello Why it Windows ISO Downloader still does not work?
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