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Question About Legolash2o Win 7 ISO


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I downloaded the "newer Win 7 iso" from the download tab on the WinToolKit (with this update KB2534111) and I thought it was suppose to be newer but the modified date when choosing which Version you want to load says 4-20-10 (I think its 20 but know its 4 and 10 just not sure about the 20) but the ISO I got when I built my new system a few months ago says modified 11-20-10. How did mine get a newer modified date than the one in Legolash2o links?

Link here and says updated Jul 2012?


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I think the July 2012 date is the last date the post was updated, probably adding a language version I would guess, not the date of the ISO releases. The links themselves are official MS links hosted at digitalriver. Lego just copied the links here for his users convenience. As to how the last build you made got a later modified date, I don't know. Probably depends on exactly where you got your sources at that time and what you did to build your ISO, ie did you use a source that already had SP1 integrated, was it a "refreshed" source with KB2534111 already included, or did you do any of the integrating/updating yourself? Also the tool you used at that time could have been a factor.

Cheers and Regards

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It may be that the OEM disks were released later or sooner then a digital version of the ISO espically being that it is an OEM for system builders in your case. It could be a factory based thing that the date of CD creation is marked for in house reasons or whatever ... The truth is I really do not have an answer that is fully positive but from the standpoint of logic any digital version is going to be the first thing to hit the streets. It takes a while for the physical goods to be produced... Most likely stuff is outsourced to china and is shipped their on a slow boat and comes back on the same slow boat. And it is possible that their were a limited amount of system builder OEM discs and they had to produce a second run of these discs at the date you specified either way all dates aside for it to be a legit windows ISO it must be the original release or SP1 their are no other versions available all dates aside.

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