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"Error trying to commit image"


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My system: Win7 Ultimate x64

Desired system: Win7 Starter x86

Source: clean unmodified Win7 Home Premium x86

Win Toolkit

Symptoms: error showed up when Component remover finished its job and it was time to save/unmount image. After I click Save, I get this: "Error trying to commit image" but when I click OK, it finished properly. I fired it up again afterwards and saw the components were removed.

Same thing happens if I choose Registry editor. Not sure about other options (ie., AIO), haven't tried yet. Will do and report back if error repeats.

Log below:

Title: Windows 7 STARTER

ErrType: Error (

Description: Error trying to commit image



Tool Name: Component Remover ( (Windows 7 STARTER)

Image Name: Windows 7 STARTER

Argument: /Unmount "C:\WinToolkit\Mount" /commit

WIM File: E:\WIN7STARTER\SOURCES\install.wim

Mount Logging: True

Drive Type: Fixed

Free Space: 61.02 GB

IsReady: True

File Exists: True

Directory Exists: True



Setting taskbar Progress

Setting taskbar Colour

Dumping Registry

Detecting cause of error #1

Detecting cause of error #2

Detecting cause of error #3

Detecting cause of error #4

ImageX Tool for Windows

Copyright © Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved.

Version: 6.1.7601.21716

Committing: [C:\WinToolkit\Mount]...

Unmount Error: Did not find an image mounted to [C:\WinToolkit\Mount].



3.51 GB

The weird part is - I have over 10GB of free space on C drive.

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