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WPI v8.6.3 Thread

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Current Users!

The 5 "core" WPI files need to be moved to the new dir.

WPI will no longer recognize your files in the wpiscripts dir.

To easily do this just run the cmd file "Upgrade", In your old WPI folder, then copy the created UserFiles folder to the new WPI folder.

Steps to update your WPI folder:

  1. Download and extract the new WPI archive to a different location.
  2. Run the upgrade.cmd file in the old WPI folder.
  3. Copy the newly created UserFiles folder from old to new.
  4. Copy your Audio folder from old to new.
  5. Copy your Install folder from old to new.
  6. Copy Themes folder from old to new.
  7. Copy all of your Logos\Graphics files the new location.
  8. Rename or move your old folder in case something goes wrong.
  9. Move the new WPI folder to where you want it.
  10. Test it!

MAJOR new step!

Update your run WPI methods as WPI\WPI.hta no longer exists! You now need to use WPI\WPI.exe!

Known Bugs\Issues!

  • You cannot minimize the installer window.
  • You cannot click 'n drag to highlight items. Enabling this exposes a bug that causes instabilities.
  • The rewind button DOES NOT work on the media player... (Probably never has)
  • Nero 7 messes with the IE scripting engine and WPI will not work if Nero 7 has been installed or is currently installed. HOWEVER, This link to Nero Clean tool --> HERE has been reported to fix this issue. So if you wish to use WPI and have had Nero7 installed you will want to clean your system first.
  • Midi files should NOT be used if you are copying the audio to harddrive! (use MP3 Files!)

Change log!

v8.6.3 Updates - Released October 4th, 2012


*** Added some (all?) of the Win8 Edition OSSKU info.

*** Better recognition of Win8.

*** Better recognition of IE 9 & 10.

*** Fixed getKeyboardID for x64 windows.

*** Fixed getPointingDevice for x64 windows.

*** Fixed getSoundDeviceID for x64 windows.

*** Conditions ConnectedToInternet will return true or false.

*** Conditions isDesktopLoaded will return true or false.

*** Conditions hasDVDDrive will return true or false.

*** Conditions hasDVDBurner will return true or false.

*** Removed duplicate hasDVDROM entry.


WPI Files Page!

(You can find all of the needed files for WPI and Windows disks here)


There are tutorials in the manual that is now built into WPI!

Please remember and donate!

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