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WPI v8.6.5++ "Supporter" release(s)

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This is a "Supporter" only release!


The only way to get the password is to request it and show proof of donation or bugfix\mod.


Full public release schedule:


Everytime I hit a second digit change (i.e. 8.7, 8.8, 8.9 an so on)


Or if a year has gone by with no public release.


Requests need to be sent via PM for the 7z password.


Change log!


v8.6.5 Updates - Released Jan 19th, 2013 (Supporter)


*** Fontinstaller finally works!

*** Tons of internal code fixes.


v8.6.4 Updates - Released Jan 14th, 2013


*** Officially added myselfidem to the developers. WELCOME!

*** Diskchanger enhancements.

*** Restored var OSProps, winMgts;.

*** Connectedtointernet is now a visible condition.

*** isdesktoploaded is now a visible condition.

*** TONS of manual internal fixes and corrections.

*** Minor installer.hta cleanup.

*** SystemEnclosureType fix.

*** Added in wmi detection FirewallProductName, AVProduct.

*** Fixed the extra buttons not showing on USB by default.

*** Changed a ton of <nobr> tags.

*** Lots of minor fixes to the internal .htm files.



I am locking this thread to keep it neat.
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