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Desktop smooth transition for windows XP [Test Version]


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So as the title says.. 

this little program will add smooth transition when changing wallpaper in windows XP and enabling desktop marque selection, but because this is still in test version there is no unattended switch to run on start up.. 


please do not redistribute... 


Where to download:

see attachment


To run:

1. Put the extracted ZIP content somewhere on your hard drive

2. Both files must be in the same directory

3. Run the executable

4. The rest is self explanatory


I'll update this program when it's ready..


This is small part of my bigger project, expect more to come soon... 


desktop marque selection:


yes this is in windows XP.. 


known limitation:

1. if you have paint desktop version enabled, the text that paint the windows version on the desktop, it won't shows up... 


Also I have question to the mods if the project is complete, which means that it will transform windows XP into "unbelievable" :P where should I put the thread? updating this one or make an new one inside OS transformation pack sub forum and if I have to do so, what should I do to this thread? 


Sorry there was a small bug which I forgot to fix...  it's fine now... new attachment attached. 


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