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  1. yep, Many things had happen in real life you're very welcome. oh btw I updated the pack.
  2. So hello guys, been a long time... Some of us might still using Xp in daily use. Long story short, I created an advanced transformation/customization pack for windows XP, This pack bring some cosmetics change which only available on vista and later operating system. And also some other interesting customization. you can see what this pack modifies in galleries below: Download Here Instruction how to install is inside the archive: readme.txt. you should read it. If you like it, use it, and want to support the development consider a Donation.
  3. Hi there... First sorry for the bump... I have found the first half color pallete for txtsetup phase... But only the the first half... after this screen (see picture below).. the color is reverted to normal ones... I couldn't find the responsible file for the rest setup phase... here is the pcocess... 1. obtain setupldr.bin from xp CD. 2. split the file using any hex editor by searching the 'MZ' string... we'll use the first occurence... 3. save from 'MZ' string until the end of file as an exe file. 4. and also the loader (from the first up to just before 'MZ' string) 5. open the exe
  4. whoaa... hello... the steps should be generic for all hex editor... the only required feature is "search and replace".... make sure to hit save when done editting.... to be safe, make a copy of regedit into somewhere else.. then edit the copied ones... not the original... also after editting you'll need to replace the icon with the new one....
  5. please provide an exact same steps that you have done. what are you installing, the operating system, hardware configuration, some PC background, I mean, is that new/old?, BIOS setting? it may will help us to provide an answer..
  6. FX updated to 1.4.10, the patch finally replaced reshacker treeview with real icons, my patch no longer necessary to mention..
  7. First sorry for the bump, but the info i still relevant, I still have them but it's not the same as AMIRZ's file, I have fixed them myself, also I have removed the dependency to vista emulation library, packed them into single folder to save HDD space, and make a launcher for them, but I only able to upload the cards game.. here the links: http://www.mediafire.com/?3waqwoinqki6d5z but the link above only contain the executable files only, here is the links for card cab: http://www.mediafire.com/?qiz2ciw05nz the cabinet also have been tweaked, now it contain the big deck card and similar t
  8. So as the title says.. this little program will add smooth transition when changing wallpaper in windows XP and enabling desktop marque selection, but because this is still in test version there is no unattended switch to run on start up.. please do not redistribute... Where to download: see attachment To run: 1. Put the extracted ZIP content somewhere on your hard drive 2. Both files must be in the same directory 3. Run the executable 4. The rest is self explanatory I'll update this program when it's ready.. This is small part of my bigger project, expect more to come soon...
  9. I'm sorry if I'm not made myself clear, the #1 post still applied to XP's regedit and taskmgr also outlook and possibly another XP programs which ultilize ImageList_LoadImage... while the #19 post only applied to vista ones, which file is provided by xsallyty.. Many thanks Rick.. I also notice that several picture have gone.. I'll update it as soon as I can...
  10. sorry for taking so long.. anyway here it is: for vista's taskmgr above: original: 6A EC 33 DB 56 89 77 08 43 patched: 6A EC 56 6A 21 89 77 08 5B
  11. Updated with more optimized patch and more support, also I would thanks to Ricktendo64 for updating my patch above...
  12. :oops: I completely forgot to post the AskVG link about Resource Hacker FX here .... Thanks a lot Mona... Yeah It's perfect now.... :prop:
  13. Finally I have found a "Super Simple Patch" Finally after long time searching.... now it is possible to make resource hacker display new treeview style (look my original post below...) by applying Hex Patch.... so without wasting time here is it: 00027124 10 ==> 20 000272A8 00 ==> 08 Load Resource Hacker into your favorite hex editor... then go to the given address and change those byte(s)..... from 10 to 20 and 00 to 08. Hit save..!! (it is always better to make a backup..) Now replace "SMALLICONS" bitmap resources inside Resource Hacker with higher color pallete... please note th
  14. I can make it to display properly in all windows version, just wait... until it's finished... I'm very sorry for posting in English....
  15. :omg: MD5 is useful for verifying the file which we are downloading is exactly the same as you upload.. and to make sure that the file is not being corrupted while transporting... because if the file is being corrupted then the MD5 hash value will be different... please correct me if I'm wrong....
  16. Wow very nice addition to windows XP.... :thumbsup_anim: :prop:
  17. [comctl32.dll hex edited, Original msoe.dll] hex comctl32.dll editado, Msoe.dll original
  18. sorry .... but I can't found the file.... are you sure that the the name is "wpdshext.dll".... :questionmark: or just upload your file... and let me see what can I do for you...
  19. Uhm.... you'll gonna neeed hex editor to do that patch..., for example just google for hex editor... you'll find alot of hex editor available.... then copy your regedit and taskmgr to another location... find those hex code occurance... then replace with reversed code above... save it.... and if you want to replace the system file use replacer (google it) for the easiest way.. Hope this help... By the way sorry for late reply.... just log in back in a moment.... And sorry for my english....
  20. Just give it a try,, I'm sure the hex color values is the same..
  21. Waw, thanks alot Gabee and Ricks.. so sorry for late replying, busy with some assigment..
  22. Hm.. you should copy your shell32.dll to somewhere else.. then open it with any hex editor.. find those bytes with find hex values function or replace function to do replace as soon as possible, once you have replaced the code, you have to replace back your shell32.dll to system32 directory, for the easiest way just use replacer-google it- it's always better to have a back up.., hope this help..
  23. Hello all.... Most of us knows that when we right click the drive and choose properties there will always a pie chart (except you've remove them...hehe..). I don't like the color of it... So I manage to change it... Searching it everywhere and I found this thread about 1,5 years ago... (at msfn) Still couldn't solve my problem though :no: ... But yesterday... It inspiring me.. then I start searching through system file and WOW I Found It.....!!! :lol: here is my mod... Here is what to do.... open shell32.dll with any hex editor... (you better copy it somewhere else before open it...)
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