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  1. they are cheating consumers , asking money to consumers added feature that is already there is loot. i hope hacker will release that software for free
  2. in my opinion to change the size of taskbar you need to change the some text inside msstyle. Beside there are softwares available to make editing easy (vista/7) , like Ave's Vista builder http://vistastylebuilder.com/ , there is also one for XP , it's name is TGT soft style builder i think,
  3. try the latest version of resource hacker , also try resource hacker like software called resource tuner , it is shareware though.
  4. this one is epic.. ha ha ha.. That girl (not sure ) , is really weirdo.
  5. I think you missed this one AVG Rescue CD for USB stick ,
  6. it will probably come after 7-8 months later in my country
  7. I had read lots of review and almost all of them are positive, better to buy it than iPad.
  8. Life is really strange!

  9. funny quotes, most of these will be status on facebook now
  10. i have seen this a year ago, really funny lyrics and nice animation.
  11. probably using some php frame work or using softwares like wordpress,durpal or joomla
  12. perfect update, m keep up the good work.:thumbsup_anim: You should also update Favicon too , why still keep old favicon.
  13. best of luck dude, wtf 300,000,000,000,000 = 1$ U.S. !!! i should go there and buy properties , car etc... i think people there carry money in suitcase or truck..
  14. i overclocked 2ghz processor to 2.10 and it frequently got overheated and restarted automatically now back at 2ghz.
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