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  1. please help me, :please: :please: :help: change the size of the taskbar in msstyle. I try to use reshacker but I could not edit it :sad01_anim:
  2. hello all, :welcome: if I could change the default cursor in xp cd with custom cursor :thumbsup_anim: change the default cursor in the installer xp
  3. really complicated :sweatingbullets: I try v***e but can not thank thanks for helping me!
  4. how to integration vista sp1 to sp2? i'm have installer vista sp1 how to upgrade into sp 2 someone help me....
  5. logon screen error see an error like this http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/3640/logopq.jpg
  6. help me edit logon ui with reshack but in start up something wrong cmd bla.bla.bla.... what is the solution
  7. wow cool someone how to edit logon ui.exe with resource hacker I have a problem with it...........
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