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About sidebar addon for xp


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Hi ricks,


i've tried your sidebar addon and it was really good and thank you btw for this awesome addon and this work, therefore i want to ask you something if i want at first logon of user that some gadgets to be displayed by default instead of the other one applied by your addon how to do that ? because i've already read your post but i dont understand quite well your explanations, could you please explain more how to do that and thank you so much for your help and your awesome addon.

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First you need to add your Gadgets to svcpack\Gadgets.exe, (right click) open in WinRAR and drag&drop your .gadget folders into \Gadgets or \Shared Gadgets (these will go into program files)

Now set the sidebar with the gadgets the way you want, and add your settings.ini from your %userprofile%\appdata\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar (I think that is where its stored) to Gadgets.exe root folder

The Gadgets.exe WinRAR SFX installer should look like this once completed


\Gadgets\<your_gadgets>.Gadget\Shared Gadgets\settings.ini
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