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  1. au dernier infos y'a un correctif de pas moins de 500 Mo qu'a sorti microsoft pour 10 apparrement des bugs a régler après la sortie de 10...
  2. Hi all, just simple question can i remove the key in RunOnce : [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\test\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce]"1WinToolkit"="WinToolkitRunOnce.exe"because i dont use it and in the first logon i have a strange vbs file appeared from nowhere???
  3. hi everyone, my question is a little bit crazy but i'll try my best to clarify it (and BTW i wish Lego to answer it if possible), so when we use Wintoolkit there is those files added to different places in Windows folder like : "%windir%\System32\WinToolkitRunOnce.exe" ; "%windir%\System32\WinToolkitRunOnce.exe.config" ; "%windir%\System32\WinToolkit_RunOnceLog.txt" ; "%windir%\Prefetch\WINTOOLKITRUNONCE.EXE-*.pf" (Thank you mooms) and some others who knows...? so my questions is : 1. Is removing those files from install.wim (Offline) will make some problems in Windows 7 installation ? 2. Then if the case how i can remove those files without creating problems in Windows 7 installation ? and thanks for your answers.
  4. Hi ricks, i've tried your sidebar addon and it was really good and thank you btw for this awesome addon and this work, therefore i want to ask you something if i want at first logon of user that some gadgets to be displayed by default instead of the other one applied by your addon how to do that ? because i've already read your post but i dont understand quite well your explanations, could you please explain more how to do that and thank you so much for your help and your awesome addon.
  5. Just to report that also with the current testing build same errors as above.
  6. Thanks also Lego and keep up the good work
  7. I hope this will be fixed once in for all and thanks a lot Lego . Just curiosity what was the problem ?
  8. @mooms : no idea, i've just copied the whole thing into here nothing else.
  9. euh do you mean exactly? if that mean just language pack does not integrate properly is yes, from log language is integrated before ie10 wich is wrong i think.
  10. Now results, unfortunately no change IE10 is in english : Log : langpack goes in integration before IE10 and BTW nothing have been moved no alteration at all.
  11. Ok testing right now, results will be posted here soon.
  12. We hope so Legolash, and thank you. Rq: is WinToolkit141-25_Test1 the test build you are talking about and the recent one ?
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