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{REQ}setup cannot continue due to a corrupted installation file


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not make config file (last session .ini)







fAddons=fDrivers=fGadgets=fSilents=fThemes=fTweaks=fUpdates=fWallpapers=sAICommands=TruesAVScan=FalsesAIOSave=TruesUpdFilter=TruesAIOTIME=sPreventSleep=TruesCheckForUpdates=TruesDLogging=TruesFreeRAM=TruesLastDir=C:\Users\test\Desktop\Windows 7 SP1 AIO x64 en-US USB3 IE11 Baseline v2\Win7AIO-SP1-x64-en-US-Baseline-v2-2sLastWIM=C:\Users\test\Desktop\Windows 7 SP1 AIO x64 en-US USB3 IE11 Baseline v2\Win7AIO-SP1-x64-en-US-Baseline-v2-2\sources\install.wimsPLastWIM=C:\Users\test\Desktop\Windows 7 SP1 AIO x64 en-US USB3 IE11 Baseline v2\Win7AIO-SP1-x64-en-US-Baseline-v2-2\sources\install.wim|N/A|N/A|N/A|N/AsmCheck=FalsesAIOPM=TruesMountTemp=C:\WinToolkit_MountsQuickMerge=TruesFormSize=|frmWIMManager:791*504|frmToolsManager:883*709smVerify=FalsesSolDownload=K:\Needz\WinToolkit\Updates\sTransparency=100sTransparencyAll=FalsesWinToolkitDISM=NormalsWinToolkitExt=NormalsWinToolkitPRI=NormalsUploadLogs=TruesLastISO_Folder=C:\Users\test\Desktop\Windows 7 SP1 AIO x64 en-US USB3 IE11 Baseline v2\Win7AIO-SP1-x64-en-US-Baseline-v2-2sLastISO_ISO=C:\Users\test\Desktop\0001.isosMountLog=TruesWelcomeTab=TruesDownloadTab=TruesToolsTab=TruesRegistryLog=False
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Let me list the issues i see:


There are way too many spaces in the paths. Move all of the working folders and files to a root drive and have NO spaces in folder and file names.

HOW was the a-i-o made? If you made it post the method. If you didn't make it stop asking for help with a illegal OS

Are you POSITIVE that the IE11 and USB3 drivers are for the right architecture?

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