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[Solved] Audio adverts in background


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You may have some audio when opening WinToolkit using the latest test builds. This is because I was experimenting with a hidden advert within WinToolkit and didn't realize they may have audio. :(


Don't worry it's not a virus or anything like that. I will figure out how to turn off the audio for the next build. You won't see the advert in any shape or form but it will allow me to gain extra clicks. If I can't remove the audio, I will just remove it entirely.

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I resolved the issue hours ago but I have been unable to upload a new test version due to my laptop having a persistent virus which wouldn't  :censored: off! I had to format my computer to get rid of it. I wouldn't of noticed it if this advert bug wasn't reported.  :unsure:  :throb:


Once I've got my computer updated and setup, I will upload a new test promptly.


Any questions?

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