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  1. It's been a while but when installing fonts, I think items also get added to the Windows registry. Alternatively, you could create a script that runs at first boot that silently installs the fonts.
  2. Hey Ron, I got your email and I've just replied.
  3. I'm glad someone is taking over the work. Can't apologise enough for the rubbish code!
  4. I've removed all references to licenses, adverts and donations on the latest release.
  5. The source code for WinToolkit v2 can be found below: WinToolkit v2: https://github.com/Legolash2o/WinToolkit_v2 The topic for WTK v1 source code can be found here.
  6. Sorry guys, I stopped to focus on my academic work. I have just released the source code on Git.
  7. The server is no longer online. I have uploaded the latest versions source code for anyone to play around with.
  8. The source code for WinToolkit can be found below: WinToolkit v1: https://github.com/Legolash2o/WinToolkit_v1 Sorry for the rubbish code for v1. It was written when I first start C# and did not fully know about proper object oriented programming. The topic for WTK v2 source code can be found here.
  9. You'd have to start a new thread and also attach your preset. Glad it's working!
  10. Thanks for the report. It's not a big fix so I can do it tomorrow
  11. I'll bookmark this to check out later as it's nearly 2am.
  12. Thank you. I've also been working with adminxp, sending him many test versions via TeamViewer as well. His images matched yours and together we've come up with a solution for v1.6.0.8. There's auto scaling (default) but, there's also a new tab in Options for selected a scale. Thanks again, much appreciated!
  13. You can problem download the offline installer and extract it using 7zip. It will then provide you with the cab files to integrate.
  14. I've started a topic here for all 4K users as I've misplaced your 4K screenshots. Controlling your desktop would be the most effective option if disabling dpi settings fails.
  15. Do you select x86 or x64 first? How big is the wim image? It could be an antivirus issue.
  16. Hey guys, Can everyone who uses a 4K monitor please attached/upload some screenshots of them using WinToolkit? It seems like there's a big display issue on 4K monitors. Thanks.
  17. I'm currently using a 1920 x 1080 monitor. I'm guessing that I have to decrease the DPI % to match 4K?
  18. I'll just disable the button as I never really update the cache.
  19. Does this still happen in the latest version?
  20. Does it give an error? Are you able to provide a screenshot please?
  21. Interesting... Does it say the files are in use? What folder path are you using? UPDATE: It looks like you're using an old version.
  22. Hey guys, Apologies, I received a email quickly after I had uploaded it and fixed it then. It was caused by incorrect Obfuscater settings.. Sorry again.
  23. I'm not responsible for the registration process, so nothing I can do in that regard. I also don't have a 4K screen to develop 4K support, so I would be essentially programming blind. Unless there's a program out there to making the program look as if it was running on 4K. Considering that the application is free.... you're welcome.
  24. Sorry about that, I compressed the wrong exe. v1.6.0.1 has been released; marking a new age of ad-freeness for 2018.
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